Learn How To Create A Journal Entry In QuickBooks Online? [Complete Guide]
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Learn How To Create A Journal Entry In QuickBooks Online? [Complete Guide]

Have you ever face any difficulty to make a journal entry in QuickBooks Online? Then, there is good news for all QuickBooks users.

QuickBooks is a business accounting software it provides the journal entry that maintains and creates the records of transaction in which the total amount into the debit column that will equal to the credit column and all amount is assigned to an account on the charts of accounts. at the backend of QuickBooks journal entries that will automatically be created. when you put the transaction directly into the nonbank balance sheet account register then the QuickBooks automatically labels the transaction into the registers. the QuickBooks net profit or loss into the year that should be closed into an account other than retained earnings.

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Use the Journal Entry in QB Online when you need to do the following things:

  • Send money between income and expense accounts
  • Transfer money from an asset, liability, or an equity account to the income or the expense account.
  • If you want to enter credits and debits in General Journal or the Ledger.

Let’s get more details about journal entry in QB Online.

What Is A QuickBooks Journal Entry?

Before the know about how to make a journal entry, you need to know what is a journal entry in QB Online.

In the Accounting terms, A general journal entry is an accounting transaction that is directly posted to the company’s general ledger.QuickBooks online journal entry allows you to adjust transactions post entries.

The method is very easy but you can make a single entry for a client at a time. If you need to do changes for many clients, you have to post separate entries.

Rules to Make A Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online

Often QuickBooks online journal entry is done for Income Tax provisions, Loan interest adjustments, and Depreciation Entries. There are several requirements to Make Journal Entries. These rules are mentioned below:

  • You need to Add One Account Receivable or Accounts Payable type account for each entry.
  • Have to use Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable Account on the second line of the journal entry
  • Entry to Accounts Payable type or the Accounts Receivable will require a client or vendor.
  • Do not create Journal Entries to Inventory or Payroll Accounts.

Steps To Make A Journal Entry In QuickBooks Online?

You can consult with Accounting experts for information and guidance. But if you still do not know which account requires the Credit and Debit side of the transaction then follow the below mentioned directions correctly. So, you have to follow the below-listed steps carefully to make a QuickBooks online journal entry:

  • First of all, go to the Top and choose ‘Plus icon’ (+) on the toolbar and tap on the Journal Entry option.
  • Now Enter the Transaction Date in the Journal Date section
  • Then, Put a Journal Number of the transaction in the report so that you can easily recognize the transaction. (This is Optional)
  • Now, fill in the first distribution line.
  • Accounts: Refer to an account in the Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Code (Only For France): Fill in the Journal Code linked to the account. It is compulsory to add a New Journal Code. You have to use the same Journal Code linked to the transaction for both credit and debit accounts.
  • Credits and Debits: Normally, the first in line is Debits. You can see for the transactions in a current transaction report. Look if Debit has modified as per the choice or after you have saved the transaction.
  • Description: You have to submit a description to see Transaction information on Reports. (This is Optional)
  • Name: Select a vendor, customer, or employee associated with the Line if there is any.
  • If the sum of Debit Column Entries does not equal the sum of Credit Column Entries, then proceed to fill in the Distribution lined until the total of both transactions is equal.
  • Now, choose to make a recurring Journal Entry Schedule. (This is Optional)
  • In the end, Click on the Save button to save the transaction successfully. Now, you will have a QuickBooks journal entry opened in a new window.

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Some Important Things to Remember to Make A Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online

There is a list of some important things that you need to always remember whenever you are making a QuickBooks online journal entry. Things are as follows:-

  • Don’t forget that, each currency should have its own Journal Entry as QuickBooks Online does not carry Multi-Currency in one Journal Entry. Most of the time, Multi-currency does not get changed to accurate rates.
  • To reflect on the Sales or Expense tab, make sure that entry has a line for either A/R or A/P and the vendor or client’s name.
  • See the extra column for location and class also if you are utilizing the QuickBooks Online Plus. The characteristic of Classes and Locations is ON.
  • In case you make an entry by chance, and you want to change the transaction, then you can easily delete or reverse the Journal Entry.

Final Words

Journal entry in QuickBooks is a new method of recording your transactions inside the QuickBooks software. In which your debit balance must be equal to the credit balance. QuickBooks software always provide your balance sheet error-free. QuickBooks makes journal entry very easy.

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