Fix Error 176109- QuickBooks Invalid Product Number

QuickBooks is the business accounting software for growing your business due to using this accurate function and its speedily working process as well as different types of versions.when you using the QuickBooks software QuickBooks Invalid Product Number so it is the most common error that arrived into our QuickBooks software.

This type of error happens that a user tries to open or register QuickBooks then the QuickBooks users faced the same type of error QuickBooks Error 176109 which means QuickBooks pos invalid product number. This error can arrive due to Point of Sale Entitlement folder contains the damaged file. This QuickBooks error code 176109 formats is used by windows which means your authentication files are lost and corrupted.

What is QuickBooks Error 176109?

Now, we can explain the error code 176109 due to this error your files can be damaged and QuickBooks Error 176109 is related to Invalid product number. This error arrived when you open the QuickBooks Point of sale. The QuickBooks software needs permission to reads and writes the file without any disturbance. This software does not get permission at the administrative level.

Why Occurring the QuickBooks Invalid Product Number Error?

Here we describe the number of reason why this invalid number error occurs the reason is following as:

  • If the content of QuickBooks Point of Sale Entitlement folder is missing or corrupted.
  • The user does not have the permission of the administrative level for accessing the QuickBooks files.
  • When you install the QuickBooks Point of the sale so you required a product number or the code you use is incorrect then Invalid Product number code error will be seen.

Solution For Fix Error 176109- QuickBooks Invalid Product Number

In our Blog, we can clearly explain all the solutions and steps for solving these errors the users can check all the solutions and resolve your problem quickly. The multiple solutions are following as:

Solution 1: You can Delete the Content of Entitlement Clients Folder

The steps of solutions are given below:

  • You can use the Window Explorer and follow the company path C:\Program\Data\Intuit\Entitlement client\v8.
  • From the keyboard, you press the Ctrl+A and select all files.
  • Now click on the Delete button.
  • Then click on Yes to confirm this action.
  • Open the QuickBooks point of sale and again register the application.

Solution 2: Rename the WS Activity File

You can check the steps for how to rename the WS activity file the points are given below:

  • Firstly you can use the Window Explorer and then follow the path C:\Program\Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini.
  • Then you have right-clicked on the WS Activity.
  • Choose for Rename.
  • You can enter the old WS Activity and click for saved anywhere.
  • Close all Windows.
  • Now Delete the Entitlement Folder.
  • Again install the QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Solution 3: Execute a Clean Install of QuickBooks Point of Sale

If you do not solve the problem using the above solution then we describe the performance of a clean install and you make sure you create the backup file. Here all the steps for reinstall the QuickBooks point of sale:

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Point of sale

  • You have to go to Control Panel.
  • Now click on the Program and Features.
  • Into the list, you can select the QuickBooks Point of sale.
  • Then you have to click to Uninstall.
  • Now follow the prompts to complete the process.

Step 2: Rename the Point of Sales Folders

  • The all OLD point of sale folder. Which can prevent the QuickBooks From recognizing the folder to create the new one?

Step 3: Reinstall the QuickBooks Point of Sale

You follow all the steps to re-install the QuickBooks Point of sale and solve your QuickBooks POS Invalid product number problem. In case you cannot find the best solution then dial our QuickBooks customer service number.

Step 4: Restore the QuickBooks Company Files

The steps to restore the QuickBooks files that are following are:

  • Firstly you have to open the QuickBooks point of sale and create the new company file and create the restore backup.
  • Now you have to open the point of sale to verify the issues is resolved:
  • Then again registered the QuickBooks Point of sale.


QuickBooks Invalid Product Number error code 176109 means that your authentication files are being corrupted or missing. This error occurs at the time of opening of QuickBook’s point of sale. QuickBooks requires the administrator permission to read and write the files which are affecting the QuickBooks. You can solve this error by deleting the content of the entitlement client folder.

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