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Quicken error OL-301- A the meaning of this error is you have entered a wrong user name or password. This error can be caused due to using the direct connect to the bank. This error is related to the invalid or null data transfer from the bank or financial institution. The symptom of this error is when you try to fetch your latest transaction than it shows this error and there are some other causes this error is an issue in authentication, connectivity or server down the issue. Before going to solve this error you must know why this error occurred.

What are the reasons behind this error

  • When you try to connect with online services using directly connect tool then this error can be encountered.
  • When you unable to set up Quicken properly.
  • When you try to make any random change in Quicken software then your written account key has been deleted.
  • That may be possible your Quicken software is affected by the Viruses and Malware.
  • There may be your server is down so Quicken is unable to fetch the data.
  • It may be many chances of your Quicken file corrupt.
  • If you are using Quicken discontinued 2015 earlier version so in these versions you can download your bank transaction and you may face the error code OL-301-A.
  • When you are making an online payment then this error can occur.

Solution for Fix Quicken error OL-301-A

In the below list there is a list of solutions using this you can get rid of Quicken error OL-301 all you need do is follow the given solution step by step then your error will automatically find and then remove from your Quicken after that you can use your Quicken software smoothly.

Step 1 – If you have recently updated your Quicken into 2019

  • If you recently switched from 2018 to 2019 Quicken version then you have to make some changes in your Quicken profile & branding and you may need to refresh it. Before making any changes in profile & branding you must have to delete your Temporary Internet files. For this follow the below points.
  • Firstly, you need to click on the “Men” > “Online center via navigating”.
  • Here you have to choose to click on the drop-down arrow and then choose a financial institution.
  • By holding Ctrl + Shift key simultaneously then from the mouse click on the “Contact Info”.
  • From the drop-down menu, you have to the correct account related to a bank or a financial institute.
  • Then you need to choose financial institute profile and branding you have to click on the Refresh button.
  • Here you have to tap on the Ok button then click on Update/Send button then it will bring you to online here you must have access to the Internet.
  • At you have to try to start a new online session for downloading transactions then you will no more see the Quicken error OL-301.

Step 2 – Delete all your Temporary Internet Files

When you open any program at that time a file is created which holds the temporary information when you close the program then the temp file remains saved then you must have to delete the temp file because there is no further use. The deleting process of temp file is different in different Operating Systems so don’t worry I will tell you how you can delete your temp file.

  • Delete Temp file for window 10 users
  • Firstly click on the “Start” button then click on the “Window System folder” and then go inside the “Control” panel.
  • Then choose “General” and press Ctrl + A from the keyboard after that click the delete button.

Step 3 – An alternative way to delete temp file for Windows 10 users

  • Firstly, tap on the “Start” and then choose “File” explorer.
  • Here you will get the drive section of your computer system now you have to right-click on the C: drive then choose the properties from the popup list.
  • After that click on untick all the things except “Temp file” > “Disk clean up”.
  • At the end press the Delete button.

Step 4 – Delete the temporary file in Windows 7/8

For deleting the temporary file in Quicken follow the below points.

  • From the keyboard press the Window + R keys together then a search box will appear then type the “Control panel” in the box and then hit the enter button.
  • Here you click on the “Network and Internet” then choose the “Internet” > “General tab” > “Browsing history”.
  • Then select the history and click the delete button from the keyboard and then press the “Yes”.

Step 5 – Update Your Account Transactions

  • Go into the “Open tools”.
  •  Then put the cursor on and hit the click “One Step Update” > “Account”.
  • Here you will get an option of “Update Now” click on it.
  • When you completely update your account transactions, after that you need to log in again. Now you will not get the same error.

The general meaning of the Quicken error OL-301 is you are providing the wrong user name or password. This error can be caused due to using the direct connect to the Bank. For solving this error you must have to delete you all temporary file and make some changes in the Quicken & branding and then update your transaction all the steps are given in the above article.




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