How To Make Changes In Quickbooks Preferences

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Do you know Quickbooks is a customizable software you can set up according to the need of your business? Before the customization of Quickbooks, you must know what kind of feature is activated in your company file. There are many setting is available in Quickbooks so you can manage your Quickbooks most effectively. If you are customizing your Quickbook then you must have to take a backup of your all company file that will help you to restore the setting at the time of customization in Quickbooks preferences you face an error so you can change them. Do not take any headache we will describe how you can customize your Quickbooks.

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How to reach Company Quickbooks Preferences

  • Double click on your Quickbook software and then log in your Id and password into the Quickbooks.
  • Put your cursor on the “Edit” menu then hit the mouse left click from it choose the “Preferences”.
  • When you entered into the Preferences window then select the “Reports and Graphs”.
  • On your left side find the “ My Preferences” click on it and then select the “Company Preferences” and then click on “Save” Preferences.

In Quickbooks Preferences

How you can set up your Quickbooks Preferences

Quickbooks setting comes with default change in the default some of your Quickbooks features are on or off while you change them according to your business need.


It provides the feature of “Class Tracking” which helps you to define the salespeople, location, and, Division. For customizing your accounting then follow the below steps-

  • From the left side menu go into the “Accounting Tab”.
  • Here you have to choose “Company Preference”. Then Quickbook pops up a question then you have to select the “Class tracking” and add the class according to you.

Finance Charge

This feature allows you to customize your late payments. If you want to access the “Finance Charge” then follow the given steps-

  • first, you need to open the left the menu bar from this click the Edit button and then “Preferences”.
  • Here you will get the option of “Finance charge” click on it and then choose the Preference tab.
  • After that fill the annual interest rate to calculate the “Finance changes”.

Desktop view

In this Quickbooks preferences, you can set what you want to see in your Quickbooks desktop that will help you to save your lots of time. Navigation for Desktop view is given below-

Go into the My Preferences > View > Company Preferences > Turn on the Specific feature mode for example- Sales-tax and Payroll – On and Off.

Items & Inventory

If you are a seller or buyer any one of them then you must have to visit the items & inventory. You must have to tick the checkmark on the “Inventory and purchase order” checkbox. Your checkbox must be active. Do you know that Quickbooks can handle the real-time inventory of each and every item when you sell any items and it reduces the work of stockpiling? You can also set the warning when you do not have items to sell.

Quickbooks Preferences

Time & Expenses, Sales Tax, and Sales and Customers.

If you are performing any of the activity then you must visit to add some new features.

You don’t need to turn all the features on. According to the growth of your business enable the new features you must have to visit the Preference window at least once in a week to see there is anything that can help to increase your business.

Report Short by

This feature will allow customizing how your reports will display the name of items.

How to resolve the issue of Report Preferences

If you are facing a problem in Quickbooks Preferences and your reports templets become corrupt than you can fix it by moving to the default report formatting down below you can see the steps by step procedure.

  • As I already told you, in the beginning, take the backup now you have to click on it.
  • Put your cursor on the “Edit” menu then hit the mouse left click from it choose the “Preferences”.
  • When you entered into the Preferences window then select the “Reports and Graphs”.
  • Then you will get to see “Company Preferences” tap on it and then click the “Format” button.
    • Inside the Format window-
    • After that, you need to tab the “Header/Footer” button and click the “Revert” button.
    • After that tab, the “Company Preferences” and then click the Revert button at the end click the “Ok” button.

Quickbooks preferences provide the flexibility of custom features which help you to fit the requirement of your business. In the default window, some of the features are enabled and some disabled. According to your business need you can On the features and use in an effective way. Before doing any customization in your Quickbooks account you must have to take a backup of your all company file in future you face any problem so you can again set the default preferences without any loss.

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