How to Sync QuickBooks One User Two Computers
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How to Sync QuickBooks One User Two Computers

Sync QuickBooks files between two Computer makes the possible for an employee to collaborate on one unified accounting report. On the network, QuickBooks company files need to be only one set of synchronizing to work. And you may need to merge existing files together. In early 2013, it requires uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks on all affected machines. If users having trouble regarding how to sync QuickBooks one user two computers. we will get the best solution for this problem you have to check our blog and solve your problem easily because we give the multiple steps to sync the QuickBooks easily with multiple systems.

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The sync increased productivity and enhance flexibility in accessing the data and it is seen that most of the users wish to synchronize your data between devices in order to increase their productivity with you have to access the data. You make sure that their data is correct to the installation option for each computer before syncing the file. And also you need to check for both the computers that connected on the same network or not. In which one more option to available for that is you can also uninstall the QuickBooks on multiple computers and also using the same networks for a run and sync the QuickBooks files.

 Syncronizing the QuickBooks Files

Let’s synchronized the QuickBooks files here we explain all the steps for how to sync the QuickBooks on 2 computers. The one way to is to check to correct the installation option for each computer and also connect both the computer on the same network and another best way to uninstall QuickBooks on both the systems and again install with the right options.

When once time you reinstall and configuration will be completed on both the desktop then the primary desktop is stored your company files and allow you to synchronize the data to another computer on the network. If you can use the data transfer utility known as third party commercial utility that contains two separate company files for needs to be merged.

The Sync QuickBooks file between two computers allows and makes it easy for the employee to collaborate on one unified accounting report.

Steps for Sync QuickBooks File Between Two Computers

Now, we can explain the how-to sync QuickBooks files here we describe all the steps for solving these problems the multiple steps are following as:

  • Firstly you can install and download the data transfer utility provided by the Intuit.
  • Paste your company files to the primary computer from secondary computers.
  • Start QuickBooks with Primary Computers.
  • In data transfer utility you can select to open the source company button in the export data from the source company.
  • Next, choose yes and permit access even if QuickBooks is not running and you will see the option to permit the application to access personal data. Then click to yes and done in QuickBooks.
  • Then choose the close button for currently connected to the field with the data transfer utility.
  • Check the file menu and you have to choose the close company option in QuickBooks.
  • Now click on the file option and check open and restore the company option and select the open a company in QuickBooks.
  • From the Import data into the destination, you have to choose the open destination company in Disk transfer utility.
  • Then choose Yes for always permit access even if QuickBooks is not running and also allow the application to access the personal data. Click on the continue button.
  • Then click on the close button for currently connected to the field in the data transfer utility.
  • Select the file menu and then close the company in QuickBooks.
  • Next to choose the type of data and change button of data transfer utility choose an option that is the best present the information for you to want to import into the destination file.
  • In the data, transfer utility goes to the Import data into Destination and click on the Import data button.


In above in this blog, we clearly define all the steps for How to Sync QuickBooks One User Two Computers and QuickBooks on multiple computers using these several steps users can easily solve it, for more information read the above solutions.

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