How to Install and Setting up QuickBooks Mac Desktop?
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How to Install and Setting up QuickBooks Mac Desktop?

QuickBooks Mac desktop is an accounting solution especially this accounting solution dedicated to the user who uses the software from their MAC devices, it makes the accounting experience smoother for a user, it is especially new features added by Our intuit, the new feature like as adding a reminder in i-Calender, in the menu bar embedded the notification bar, syncronize contact with MAC operating system addressing book, etc.

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In this blog, we discuss how to install and setting up the QuickBooks for Mac desktop, In their office, three types of Mac system can be used Pro/Premier and Enterprise and QuickBooks mac is a Desktop version of QuickBooks for the Apple operating system

How To Install QuickBooks Mac Desktop:

Here, we discuss how to install the accounting software for MAC, follow all the steps and rules given below:

  • You can download the QuickBooks software from the Intuit websites.
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks support site and select the QuickBooks for MAC, you can also purchase the QuickBooks software CD from the retailer shops, if you purchase the CD so, use the CD installer for running the QuickBooks for MAC.
  • The downloading steps are done then go to QuickBooks Saved location and click to open the QuickBooks executable file for run the installation of software.
  • When filing extraction complete, if you want to know how to update my data to the new version of QuickBooks Desktop, you click to Yes to All.
  • Then click to start the installation process.
  • After you read all terms and conditions of the software license agreement, tick the I accept all terms and conditions and click to next.
  • Tick the terms and conditions, then you can enter your license number and product number.
  • Now you select the types of installation for the systems: with the help of express, you can permit the installer to make suggest the right choice for you.because of these you can change or replace the QuickBooks version.
  • Using multiple versions in QuickBooks desktop you choose the custom and network option and by multiple versions of the software, you easily share the data with QuickBooks conversion tool & another user on a Network.
  • Now select the where you will be using the QuickBooks software like select the option if you are not using QuickBooks on a system or you can installing on a MAC that will be utilized and running for QuickBooks Desktop but not stores the company file.
  •  If I will be using QuickBooks on this computer and Storing the company file and it can be shared over a Network: choose this type of option you can share and store the company data and file.
  • Then click to next at installing the default directory and you choose the older version of QuickBooks only you can easily browse the directory, Choose your location and click to the next.
  • Install to continue and click to back, If you go back you can give a review to the previous version of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks processor running the installer, the installer may request to restart your MAC otherwise you click to open the QuickBooks.
  • After the installation process you QuickBooks is activated now you are all set.

How to Set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop:

If you get the multi-user mode in QuickBooks you can set up the QuickBooks software, and the multi-users access the file or data at the same time, here we discuss how to set up QuickBooks for Mac using these steps, you can set up our QuickBooks software steps following are:

  • Open the multi-users folder in QuickBooks software.
  • Then drag the QuickBooks server icon to the application folder.
  • Click to the authenticate to change the application folder and create the admin user name and password and click to Ok.
  • Launch the QuickBooks and open the Company profile, then go to File and select the Enable multi-user mode to share your company files.

We hope the entire process of installing and setting up QuickBooks for MAC is clear by their above steps.if you can face any problem to contact our Expert team dial our toll-free number.

Note: If you want to start the install and set QuickBooks for Mac Desktop then you read complete our article and trying to download the installer and you are facing the difficulties with the process, you need to clear all clear the catch memory and cookies of any other browser you can use.

Advantages of QuickBooks Mac Desktop:

  • QuickBooks for MAC desktop is very user-friendly, you can easily installed and set up navigated if you don’t have an account in the background, the interface of QuickBooks for Mac is very user-friendly.
  • New features and functionality are offered with the same one-time investment cost of QuickBooks another version Software.
  • If you set up your business you get help any accountant and bookkeeper here all experienced work set up only using one software QuickBooks Mac desktop.
  • Choosing the best accounting software for Mac is available in QuickBooks version to get offers unlimited users and great customer support.
  • QuickBooks for Mac is the best accounting solution for growing your small business.

Limitations of QuickBooks For Mac:

If you are looking at the limitation of QuickBooks Mac desktop following their steps following are:

  • No one can mobile access to data-In QuickBooks software no other person access the data from your mobile phones but we recommended that the QuickBooks For mac can be run and installed in Desktop or systems.
  • Provide limited technical support-If you can installed the QuickBooks software 30 days we can provide the free technical support and after the 30 days, you can choose the plan to get technical support.
  • Maximum 3 users get a license-QuickBooks for Mac is come up with 2 users licenses only and the user can purchase the two additional licenses only.


Here we explain all the steps of install and set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop, you easily get the QuickBooks for Mac by our steps. All steps are clear to know and set up the company profile and start to grow your business otherwise.

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