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Resolve QuickBooks Abort Error : QuickBooks Keep Aborting (Connection Lost)

There is a problem of QuickBooks keep aborting, or other we can say QuickBooks abort error occurs when accessing QuickBooks company file. During this error, an error message gets shown stating that “The connection to the company files has been lost”. Any changes made in the data must be re-entered. QuickBooks immediately shut down. It also states that there is some damaged file in the QuickBooks software.

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The error message given by QuickBooks specifies using an updated version of QuickBooks and asks the user to end the ongoing transaction and restart it. This can happen due to many reasons such as modifications in company files, crashes of software, or third party applications have been installed on the system. Now, let’s know the causes and the effects of the abort error.

QuickBooks Abort Error Message Snapshot

Causes of QuickBooks Abort Error

There is a list of reasons for occurrence this error:-

  • Using QuickBooks software in different versions on a multi-user mode
  • When damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI files from QuickBooks.
  • The hard drive may be corrupted or damaged.
  • Quickbooks software may be damaged or corrupted
  • If the multiple computer systems would be set up on one network to host QuickBooks software.
  • Due to any unfinished QuickBooks update
  • If the antivirus software of the computer clashes with QuickBooks software
  • The folder where the company file is stored may require some extra permission

Symptoms of QuickBooks Abort Error

There is a list of some of the symptoms that you may face with QuickBooks Abort Error.

  • When QuickBooks software is closing or shutting down very frequently.
  • If the computer is randomly crashing.
  • If the program gets stopped, and there is a ‘Fatal App Exit.’
  • The QuickBooks software gets terminated from Windows 8.
  • When the system frequently shut-downs without showing any error messages.

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Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Abort Error

There are some solutions if your QuickBooks software keeps aborting. Perform these steps carefully to get the best results. To resolve the error restart the QuickBooks database server manager, and move the file to another folder, then set the power-saving mode to never.

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  • Then, double-click the icon to launch the Tool
  • Now see the outcomes
  • After that, check if it displays “no error detected” then the company files are ok
  • But if it displays “error detected” then
  • You have to, repair the company file
  • Then, restore the backup
  • In the end, recover the lost data using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool

Solution 2: Rename the QBWUSER.INI File

Renaming will delete the last list of files opened.

  • Firstly, you have to enable the hidden folders where the QBWUSER.INI file is stored
  • Then, navigate to this location:\[username]\AppData\Intuit\quickbooks [year]\
  • Now right click on QBWUSER.INI
  • After that, tap on the rename and add .oLd at the last of the file name
  • Now, you need to Rename the .ecml file
  • In the end, try to open the company file

If the company file does not open, then copy the file to the other folder. Now try to open the file from there. It must be a local folder rather than a network location.

Solution 3: Check the Hosting Status of QuickBooks

  • Go to Files >> Utilities
  • Now tap on the stop hosting to multi-user mode access
  • After that, simply open the company file on the multi-user mode
  • Lastly, see for the check mark in the box labeled – “open file in multi-user mode” is there.

Occasionally the system’s firewall may block network access, which in turn will block many QuickBook files and programs. Therefore, it is necessary to configure Windows Firewall to work well with QuickBooks.

Solution 4: Download and Run the ‘QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool’

Download and Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool. The tool is a multi-tasker as it can examine, highlight faulty windows components and resolve issues by itself. Once the download is done, you need to follow the below-listed steps:-

  • First of all, execute the tool
  • Now restart the system
  • After that, launch the desktop version of the QuickBooks App. Might this solution should solve the problem.

Solution 5: Restore QuickBooks from Backup

If all the above-mentioned steps fail to solve this issue, then, you need to try to restore QuickBooks from your system’s Backup. While doing this process, you have to create an Admin user for your Windows. In most of the cases, this will fix the source reason for ‘QuickBooks aborts’ error and it won’t occur again.

The Final Note

QuickBooks keep aborting when you try to access the QuickBooks company file. Whatever changes you have made automatically erased. Then QuickBooks shows the pop message to close QuickBooks software. You can solve this error by renaming the QBWUSER.INI file. If the error is still not sorted, then contact our Intuit Certified ProAdvisor by dropping a call on our helpline number.

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