How to Change Opening Balance in QuickBooks
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How to Change Opening Balance in QuickBooks

When you open a QuickBooks Online account and add the bank account for transfer the money to the employer and any other person related to the business, so you need to add an opening balance in QuickBooks account online, If you need to Change Opening balance in can follow our steps to change the setting of the opening balance, you can do by access the charts of accounts within QuickBooks, you can fill the correct information when you opening balance in QuickBooks, otherwise your statement and reports cannot produce accurate records.

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Firstly you need to know what is QuickBooks Opening balance, the amount of money in company account at the beginning of a new financial period is known as Opening balance, It is the first entry in Account, here we can explain how can editing in opening balance equity QuickBooks, another balance sheet, how to enter in Opening balance all of them we can discuss in below following are:

Enter Opening balance in QuickBooks

Bank and Credit Card Account:

  • Open the company menu and click the Chart of Accounts.
  • IN chart account window, right snap in any places then click to New.
  • Now, you can select the bank or credit card for the account type.
  • IN Account screen:
  • Filled out every required field.
  • Enter the opening balance catch.
  • When an account is open, then you open the first opening balance and one transaction can be entered.
  • When you entered in one transaction then an option you will see Change opening balance in QuickBooks.
  • Before you start date entering in QuickBooks, you have to enter the Ending date and Ending balance its accesses from the last bank statements.
  • Click to OK and save & close.

If you can all information related to credit card and change the opening balance in Quickbooks with a bank account so you got outstanding transaction and accurate reconciliation in the future.

 After Entering the opening balance in QuickBooks:

  • From your last bank statement, you can take an Ending balance.
  • Outstanding checks you can increase the amount.
  • You can decrease the amount from the Deposits.
  • You can enter in journal entry crediting opening balance equity QuickBooks and debiting the bank or credit card account.
  • Select and make the journal entry from the Company menu.
  • Enter the date and a number for the journal entry.
  • In step 2 the amount is calculated by the select bank or credit card account debit or account column.
  • Then click to Account option and open to the dropdown menu and choose the options opening balance equity and from the credit column calculate the amount.
  • By creating checks, you can enter the outstanding transaction or deposit using the opening balance Equity QuickBooks as the income account. Without any impacting on the prior period balance sheet, this transaction would be available for reconciliation.
  • Reconcile this opening balance journal entry for each account use the process mini reconcile and refer to 6950 for detailed steps.

Things to you should be remembered:

  • If you start your QuickBooks account you can consult with Experts of QuickBooks. and get information about the opening balance and setting up an account, press the f1 key and click the link “should I enter in the Opening balance?”.
  • If you don’t have a balance before your QuickBooks starting date, so you should not enter in Opening balance.
  • Always you can enter the customer name in the name column for account payable journal entries if you need to make the multiple journal entries to load the balance for this account.                
  • In balance, you can keep the journal entries using the opening balance equity as the offset account.
  • As per journal entries, you can enter only a single account receivable or account payable transaction.

Note: The date you can entered is indicated to you when begin tracking your financial transaction in QuickBooks, so you can set up your company profile.

Another Balance Sheet Account:

Balance sheet account includes the business such as Tools and Equipment and liability such as credit card, loans, and equity which represent the health of your business.the possibilities of creating receivable and account payable and change opening balance in QuickBooks are treated differently in can easily see the customer and vendor section in our blog information on How to set it up.

Using the Chart of Accounts:

  • From the company menu, you can select the Chart of Accounts.
  • Right-click anywhere and open the menu and select the New, in the chart account window.
  • Now, you can select the account type.
  • You can add in the new account screen: fill all the requirements and select the opening balance button then enter the amount of opening balance and filled the start date and ending date.
  • Then click to Ok and save the sheet.

Using the journal entries:

  • From the company menu, you can select and make a journal entry.
  • Set the date and enter the number of first for the journal entry.
  • Choose the account you can create and enter from the account column enter the account you may create the balance sheet or trial balance.
  • In the appropriate column enter the positive amount depending on the type of account
  • For the assets account the correct amount appears in the debit column,
  • For equity and liability, the positive balance appears in the credit column.
  • Then all the balance is entered in credit and the debit column must be equal, now you can use the opening balance Equity account as the offset for the difference between their two columns.
  • Now click to save and close the window.
  • In the first journal entry not included the sales tax payable journal entries, account payable, account receivable.
  • To distribute the remaining balance pass the journal entries in opening balance equity account to another account and save earning appropriate.

Income and Expense account:

It can be organized the company liabilities, incomes, assets, and expenses, it can manage simple looking of your chart of accounts and also containing the record of opening balance and also containing the records of income and outcome balance.

Customers and vendors:

For the positive balance before the starting date:

If any customer or vendors remaining the balance before the starting date so the customer follows their option in our blog:

Option 1:

You can enter the opening balance st the starting date so the opening balance entries can be tracked on the uncategorized expenses and uncategorized income. If you set up a job for customers and vendor so the opening balance instead of the individual jobs and the customer’s name can reflect the total balance for all these jobs.when you add new customers and vendors the opening balance field will be available.

Option 2:

firstly, the Opening balance option will be created then select the option invoices and bills to create the opening balance for customers and vendors use the help option and determine which type of account entries you can track.

Option 3:

For each customer and vendors enter an individual bill or unpaid invoice instead of a total balance. then the transaction will be displayed for the customers and vendors which are unpaid. and this balance is store and display in A/R and A/P QuickBooks opening balances.

For Transaction that occurred after the start date:

How can enter in the suitable individual transaction of customers and vendors occurred after the start date following are:

  • Sales receipt
  • Customers Invoice 
  • Customer payments
  • Sales tax payments
  • Vendors bills
  • Bill payments

How to Change the Opening balance:

  • Select the toggle bar
  • Now go-to the company menu and select the chart of accounts.
  • Locate your account.
  • Select the action column and go to dropdown and run a report.
  • From the report-period go to dropdown and select all dates
  • Now select the run report
  • Then select the earlier deposit posted and that is write in opening balance in Memo/the description field is open in the bank deposit window.
  • On the date, the field enters the new opening balance date.
  • Now go to the Add fund in deposit section then enter the new opening balance in the amount column for the opening balance equity entry.
  • Click to save and then close the window.

How to Delete Opening Balance Equity: 

  • Click to the Toggle bar and select the Chart of accounts.
  • Select your account and click on the view register.
  • Refresh and then click to the icon on the dropdown arrow go to fill in opening balance.
  • Select to apply.
  • Then click to the Edit.
  • Now go to the deposit transaction screens and click to the more and click to the delete option.
  • Then click to Confirm button.


Change Opening Balance in QuickBooks occurs when you open a QuickBooks Online account and add the bank account for transfer the money to the employer and any other person related to the business, so you need to add an opening balance in QuickBooks account online. If you face any problem then use the above mention solutions.

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