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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15102: Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks Error 15102 experienced while downloading a payroll or updating QuickBooks Desktop. This error usually comes when filed payroll updates because it is also known as update error 15102. When the error enters your system a message prompts on your screen, “Error 15102: Failed to reset update”. Once you get this error, it is more difficult for you to continue following the rest of your QuickBooks program. In many cases, it may happen due to updating the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release version. 

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Some signs of QuickBooks error 15102 that may appear, listed down here for those confused about their errors. These signs will help you in recognizing your error issue. 

  • Windows is running very slowly or sluggishly
  • Pops showed on your screen with regards to QuickBooks Error Code 15102
  • Payroll updating process fails again and again(Unable to update your payroll)
  • QuickBooks software frozen for a few seconds
  • Failure issues while updating QuickBooks Desktop

Below we have discussed its causes so that you will know why this comes and how successfully you can troubleshoot it. Check out its causes then move onwards.

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Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 15102

QuickBooks users who face this error issue can be due to the following reasons. We find and listed down:

  • The specified location is invalid or no longer available to use when shared download switches on. This describes you are unable to download the latest updates due to this you start experiencing installation issues of updates.
  • If you use your QuickBooks software in multi-user mode but it is running in a terminal service environment
  • If you work with Windows Vista then you are unable to log in as an Administrator as well as no longer able to run the application as an administrator
  • If you are working with an outdated version of QuickBooks unsupported by Intuit

Through this article, our main motive is to provide the right solutions so that you can easily troubleshoot your QB error 15102 by saving our precious time and efforts. By going through the steps we have listed, you’ll be able to download and install the latest payroll updates in QB Desktop but you must have an active payroll subscription to do so.

Point to be Noted: We recommend you to download the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop because some outdated versions are now unsupported by Intuit. So, try to update it today and also download the QB tax table once again to get rid of this error issue.

Best Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 15102

From here you will get to know about verified, and tested solutions of your expertise having the least probability of failure on your issue. Have a look at the solutions to fix your QuickBooks error 15102 immediately. 

Solution 1: Switch to single-user mode

We advised switching to single-user mode if you are using multi-user mode. To follow the same in QuickBooks, go through the following:

  • Open the QuickBooks software and then logged in with your credentials
  • Go to the Files then click on the Switch to the Single User 

At the same moment, QuickBooks closed all the opened windows within the program and a message prompt on your screen specifying QuickBooks now switches to Single user mode successfully.

Solution 2: Verify the accuracy of mapped file location

  • Firstly, you need to open the product details window by holding the F2 key on the keyboard.
  • Then, Note down the mapped location path
  • Now, you need to open the help menu bar in QuickBooks software
  • After that, select Update QuickBooks
  • In this step, open the Options tab to authenticate the correctness of the details in the download location
  • But in case, you notice that the shared download is turned on, then you need to ensure that the download location’s drive is the same one inside the product detail window
  • If you see that the shared download has turned off, then you need to make sure that the directory of the download location is the same as the QB installation directory
  • After that, if the location is wrong, modify the location’s state.
  • Now, simply convert the option for shared download, that is, modify Yes option with No if the chosen option is Yes and No option with Yes if the chosen option is No and after that select Save
  • Then, replace NO with YES If NO is chosen for shared download and then tap on Save
  • In the end, choose Close and again download the latest tax table

Solution 3: Remap the drive to a new letter, in case of the accurate download location

  • To begin, you have to close the QB company file
  • Then, use a new letter to map your drive
  • Now, open the QuickBooks company file by a mapped drive
  • After that, tap on Help and then select Update QuickBooks software
  • Now, you need to go to the Options tab window
  • Here, simply turn shared download on and off
  • Then, make sure that the download location is getting used to a new letter
  • Lastly, select Save and close application

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator

We advised running QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator if you have continued to have issues while working with Windows Vista.

  • Look for the QuickBooks icon and right-click on it from your desktop 
  • Choose the Run as an Administrator option from the Desktop
  • After that, when a user account control (UAC) prompt shows, click on the Continue
  • In the end, Reset all the updates and try to update them to the latest release. Check whether QuickBooks payroll update error 15102 still occurs or it’s still the same.

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The Ending Note

If the above-listed solutions are none useful to fix your QuickBooks payroll error 15102 then don’t worry, immediately contact our QuickBooks Online Support expertise certified from Intuit to get more instant troubleshooting solutions. Why are you delaying, call us now at this time and get your answer across the globe!!

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