QuickBooks Error 30159-Simple Way to fix it
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QuickBooks Error 30159-Simple Way to fix it

If you are a user of QuickBooks then once in your life you face the QuickBooks Errors. Error is the most common thing in every software. QuickBooks Error 30159 also belongs to the Quickbooks Errors list. QuickBooks Error code 30159 mostly seen at the time of opening or updating the QuickBooks Payroll or may get this error code at the time of opening your company file. There may be other reasons which can cause Error 30159. If you are also getting the same error code then you must have to check your EIN status is activated. To check your EIN status you need to press the “Ctrl + K” from your keyboard and check your EIN status if your EIN status is activated and still getting the same error code in that case you need to follow the below-given solutions.

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What is QuickBooks Error 30159

QuickBooks Error 30159 is considered as a payroll error because it only comes when you make any changes settings and File deleted by mistake which is important to run the payroll. In that case, QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to do any task which is related to the QuickBooks payroll. One of the biggest causes of Quickbooks Error code 30149 is improper system files setup inside your operating system.

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 30159

Before moving to the solution we must have to know why this error occurs below is the list of reasons.

  • Something happened wrong in the installation process.
  • It may be possible your QuickBooks important files have been deleted by mistake.
  • Your available Antivirus is stopping QuickBooks to perform his tasks perfectly.
  • When your Windows system files gets corrupted then QuickBooks show this issue.
  • You are not using the older version of QuickBooks while you need QuickBooks must be up to date always.
  • Your computer system gets affected by the Virus and Malware.
  • Misconfigured of Windows files.
  • This error can occur when you have deleted any important part of your computer system.
  • By mistake, you have deleted the QuickBooks setup folder had deleted.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error 30159

There is a number of solutions that you need to follow step by step as they are given below.

Solution 1- Updating your computer system Manually

  • First, you need to open your computer as an administrator.
  • Then you need to move your cursor left the side of the screen and then hit the “Start” button.
  • After that, you need to select the “All Programs” from the given list.
  • Then a new list of programs will open here you to hit the click on the “Accessories”.
  • Here you will get one more list now you have had select “System Tools” and then select the “System restore”.
  • Here you have to find our the “Restore my computer”.
  • Put the cursor on it after that hit the “Next” button.
  • Then you need to hit the continue till window of confirmation doesn’t appear.
  • After the restoration process, you need to “Restart” your computer.

Solution 2- QuickBooks Error Scanning

  • The First thing you need to do is open your browser and then visit the official website after that download the Payroll Error 30159 utility.
  • Then deploy the downloaded software.
  • After that, you need to select the “Scan” option and then start scanning the error.
  • You will get a small notification of the error then choose the option to fix it.
  • Then your error will automatically solve after the scanning.
  • When the scanning finished then you definitely need to “Restart” your machine.

Solution 3- Using System Restore

  • First, you need to open the “Run” command by holding the “Window + R” key simultaneously.
  • Then you will get to see a search box on your left side of the screen now you need to type the “System Restore” and hit the “Enter”.
  • Then you will get to see a new pop window where you need to write your “Administrator” password.
  • Once you did this then you need to follow the instruction and provide the details according to you.
  • Then finally Restore your system and after successful completion, you have to “Restart” your system and take a look at your payroll if QuickBooks error 30159 nonetheless persists then you definitely need to move on the next solutions.

Solution 4- Add EIN Into Company File

  • Login into your QuickBooks account and then choose the “Payroll”.
  • After that, you will get an option of “Use my Existing Payroll service” hit the enter on it.
  • Then the “Account Maintenance” window will open right here you have to select the “Add file”.
  • From the radio button, you need to choose the “Add EIN Number”.
  • NOTE: If you are unable to click the radio button then you are already setup EIN number.
  •  Then you need to tap on the “Next” and take a review of your information all the information is correct. Then Come back to QuickBooks and then check the QuickBooks error 30159 has been resolved.

Solution 5- Windows Disk Clean Up

  • First, you need to open the Run command by pressing the Ctrl + R key together.
  • Then a small search box will open on the left bottom side of the computer screen.
  • Here you need to type “Cleanmgr” and then hit the enter button from the keyboard.
  • Then it will ask for you which drive do you want to clean you need to select the C: drive and then tap on “Ok”.


QuickBooks Error 30159 occurs when your payroll doesn’t work properly and you are unable to do any task which is related to the QuickBooks payroll. The main cause behind the Error 30159 is that your payroll related files are not set up properly. In that condition, you need to check the Error Scanning.

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