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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3140: Installation Error Issue

QuickBooks error 3140 prompts when your QuickBooks Desktop downloading process goes corrupted. In QuickBooks Desktop, a sync application utilizes QBFC, a severe issue found in QuickBooks Enterprise. ‘Error code 3140 message’ prompts. Error Code 3140 in QuickBooks shows when Intuit QuickBooks software program is running or can be encountered during Windows startup or shut down or while using the Windows OS.

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When you get into this error, you’ll start facing any of these error messages on your screen:

Status code 3140 or 3120: The specified account is invalid or of the wrong type


Status code 3140: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks AR/AP Account “###### – #########” in the Receipt or Bill


Status code 3140: Status Message: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account “###### – #########” in the item Non – Inventory. QuickBooks error message: The expense account is invalid

There are multiple reasons due to which you get into this error, these are top start up selections, registry errors, RAM and many others. Sometimes due to a division of documents, repeatedly using similar programs etc. Now start discussing its causes, symptoms and manual solutions to troubleshoot itself.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 3140

QuickBooks Error 3140 Error message SnapshotHere is a list of possible causes of QuickBooks error code 3140 is given below:-

  • This error occurs when other programs maliciously or mistakenly remove files that are related to QuickBooks software.
  • Due to QuickBooks download becomes corrupted or broken.
  • Also occurs, if the installation process of the software is left unfinished, this error may occur.
  • When you do some modifications in QuickBooks or related software, corruption happens.
  • Error code 3140 also occurs because of the appearance of Malware, virus infection that may result in damaging company files of your Windows system or program files that are related to QuickBooks software.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 3140

  • Windows functions exceptionally and responds very slowly.
  • All the active program’s windows crash while QB error 3140 happens.
  • Your Windows crashes with QuickBooks error code 3140.
  • The computer serves to freeze for a few seconds. This appears again and again.
  • QB error code 3140, an error message shows up on your screen.

It is suggested for you to recognize and retain complete information on when and where and how you are facing such an error. When a lot of programs run on your system, you may recognize a crash or stop. There can be many reasons for such a problem.

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Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 3140

There are some easy solutions to fix QuickBooks error code 3140 is listed below:-

Solution 1: Malware Attack Scan

Malware or virus attack is the most popular cause of occurring QuickBooks error code 3140. Therefore, we would suggest, you have to firstly try and scan the computer for any potential malware attacks and repair them, for your QuickBooks software to work properly. These malicious programs can affect QuickBooks software and deleting them is the first thing to try to do.

Solution 2: Cleaning the System Using Disk Cleanup

Sometimes, storage of worthless files and folders. While surfing the Internet, several unnecessary files and media are saved in the computer, resulting in QuickBooks software that is slower and can not work properly.

Taking relief of these files is another efficient method to fix QuickBooks error 3140 and QuickBooks is working properly for you.

A highly suggested method of cleaning this junk file and folders is by using Disk Cleanup. To run this system (For desktop/ PC/ Windows):

  • Tap the start button.
  • Then, type “Command” (don’t press enter yet)
  • Now, pressing CTRL+SHIFT on the keyboard, press ENTER.
  • After that, a pop-up message would show, you have to tap on YES.
  • Then, a black box would show with a blinking cursor, simply type “cleanmgr” and press ENTER.
  • By performing this step, Disk Cleanup would start checking all the space you could recover by cleaning some unnecessary media.
  • After that, a Disk Cleanup message box would show with checkboxes and choose the checkboxes you would want to clean.
  • Click on OK. Now, your computer is free of undesired stuff.

Solution 3: PC Device Drivers

Frequently updating your system Device Drivers can help you to resolve QuickBooks error code 3140. DriverDoc updates all the system Device Drivers and this would especially to resolve error code 3140.

When QB Error 3140 crashes the system or prevents running programs, users are often worried. They become even more confused when the system takes hours to restart. This error affects the work as well as the business process. Therefore, to avoid such problems, we suggest improving the speed of your system.

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The Final Note

QuickBooks error 3140 occurs when QuickBooks is unable to sync your data while downloading the process of QuickBooks. This error can occur due to malware attacks. You can solve this error by scanning malware attacks or cleaning the system using the disk cleanup. But if the error still continues, don’t worry just get in touch with our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors through the helpline number.


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