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Resolve QuickBooks Subscription Error: “Your QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed”

In recent times, it is very common to have a subscription error in QuickBooks Desktop or Online. You may face this error for QuickBooks Online subscription, or for the QuickBooks Desktop subscription while installing and updating the QuickBooks software. This error prompts you in the form of an error message that says your subscription or service plan has expired. Try to update it. When you try to verify your subscription or update card option, you’ll see any of the following messages:

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Your QuickBooks Subscription has lapsed 


Sorry, it looks like your QuickBooks subscription has lapsed

What causes Subscription Error in QuickBooks?

The subscription error in QuickBooks can be caused due to:

  • Unstable internet connection establishment
  • QuickBooks subscription you’re working with is outdated
  • The credit card you have connected with your subscription is outdated

How to Resolve QuickBooks Subscription Error

We have more than one solution for the same query, start following the solutions from the solution 1.

Solution 1: Update your Billing Info in CAMPS

Have you made any changes in your credit card recently?. You need to update your payment details to get the subscription. Just follow the simple steps to do this:

  • Sign in to Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS) by following the link and with full administrative level rights
  • From your Product and Services, just click on QuickBooks Desktop
  • From the Billing Information section , simply click on Edit
  • Now update your payment information by providing the complete details
  • Once you’re done, click on Save and Close
  • It’s time to sync license data online. To do the same, follow the below steps
  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop
  • From the main menu, click on Help >> Manage My License >> Sync License Data Online

Solution 2: Install QuickBooks Updates

Keep updated by installing the free and latest updates of your QuickBooks software. Might working with the latest release fixes your subscription error. So try to update your QuickBooks software as soon as possible.

To check for updates: Open QuickBooks >> Help >> Update QuickBooks.

If there are no updates, this means you’re already working on the latest release version.

Solution 3: Restore your Product and License File

Whenever you save any file in QuickBooks Desktop it contains both your product and license info to the hard drive. If you found any issue with it, don’t worry, restore the file with simple steps:

  • Collect both your product and license info. 
  • Quit QuickBooks Desktop and then open Windows Start menu
  • In the search box, type Run and hit enter
  • Type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 and then hit Enter. If the previous address is unable to open the folder enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6 instead.
  • Browse and navigate for the file EntitlementDataStore.ecml. Right-click it and choose Delete. When it asks for confirmation, click on Yes option
  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop and the company file
  • Go through the on-screen instructions for registering QuickBooks once again with details of product and license

Solution 4: Checking Internet Connection Settings

Check your internet connection settings to know it works fine or not. Do the necessary changes in your internet connection settings to resolve subscription errors. There are separate steps to check the internet connection settings that you’ll know by visiting the Intuit Learn and Support page. 

Solution 5: Using QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub

In many cases, damaged Windows files restricting QuickBooks Desktop from connecting to our services. To resolve the issue use QuickBooks Tool hub.

Note: If the tool has not previously installed, then go to Intuit official site to download a new release of this tool.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop tool hub
  • Click on Installation issues tab
  • Now click on QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to repair Windows files that must need to run QuickBooks

The Bottom Line

We hope, now your QuickBooks subscription error has been fixed. But if you’re facing the same error issues after following all the above-listed solutions then advised to hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to get other quick solutions.

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