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Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 155: Financial Institution Is Unable To Connect QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 155/Banking Error 155 states that your Financial Institution(FI) is not permitting QuickBooks to connect and retrieve your data. If you get this error, it means Intuit is working on your FI to fix the issue. At the same moment, the Financial Institution hasn’t told Intuit when they’ll start permitting these connections again. Whenever you face this error issue, just contact your bank servers and request them to permit the connection.

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If the Banking error 155 still continues, just concern the error issue with your bank representatives to upvote the issue with the OFX Connectivity page(English Only) for error assistance. Prepare a note or ticket number of your case for future references. Alternatively, you can upload your bank transactions into QuickBooks Online through Web Connector. Sometimes, it also appears as the issue resulted due to multi-factor authentication type of accounts.

Note: If you are unaware of how to upload your bank transactions, then visit the Intuit official site where you will know every detail of your query. 

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 155

There are multiple reasons that can cause Error 155 in QuickBooks. To aware of causes, we have listed some causes that help you in fixing your issue, just check it out now:

  • Issues with bank servers
  • Updation in banking name but the same changes have not reflected on the server
  • Issues with internet connection establishment
  • Data mishandling and fraud detection includes in banking issues

There are a few reasons we have listed, there must be some others left to be listed. But these few will be very helpful to troubleshoot your banking issue, so you should not worry at all, start learning solution steps carefully to collect the best results.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 155 or Banking Error 155

From here, you will get to know four valuable solutions that troubleshoot your QuickBooks Banking error 155. These issues have lightly the same as Error 404 solutions but both are different from each other. Kindly read all the steps carefully and with full patience.

Solution 1: Import and Update the Bank Transactions

To fix your banking error 155, start from solution 1 and then move further, only if this solution unresolved your error issue.

  • Login to your Bank’s website with your credentials and start downloading the transaction
  • Once download, choose a specific date(earlier than 90 days)
  • Choose the QuickBooks Supported files from the “Choices” option appear on your screen
  • It’s time to open your QuickBooks accounting software, move into “banking” after the update and then hit manually upload transactions
  • Read the guidelines and on-screen prompts to complete the process

If solution 1, unable to reach your destination point then move forward. 

Solution 2: Manual Updates

  • Start by clicking on banking right, once you have opened the QuickBooks accounting software
  • Click on the Update option tab
  • Choose the account you would like to update
  • Manually type the Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) credentials and then hit continue

If solution 2, unable to reach your destination point then move onward.

Solution 3: Keep noted the exact time of the updates

  • To begin, sign in to your accounting software then click on the Banking from the left 
  • Now click on the Update option tab
  • Open and view the recent updates section and then keep noted the exact time as well as dates of the updates

If solution 3, unable to reach your destination point then move to Solution 4.

Solution 4: Adjustments in Internet Security and Firewall Settings

  • To start, open your main window of QuickBooks by clicking twice on it
  • Then choose Settings and search or navigate to the program for which you want to change the permission
  • Make fewer changes and adjustments to the Firewall settings

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Wrapping Up

We hope now your error 155 or Banking error 155 in QuickBooks has been resolved. If the error still going on then contact our experts for instant troubleshooting solutions. Our services will be grateful for you rather than disappointing in any kind of error resolving strategy. Connect us now and keep yourself away from banking errors.

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