How to Install and Setup QuickBooks Web Connector?

QuickBooks Web Connector is an interface that assists to drag information from third-party web-based applications as many other companies use industry-specific solutions for estimates, invoices and some other stuff that caters to their business requirements. It works on a simple object access protocol it is a web-based service interface.QWC file automatically synchronizes and pulls the information into QuickBooks as per defined the schedule or simply be run as per needed and comfort for all users.

The QuickBooks web connector module you will be able to integrate your magneto store with QuickBooks Desktop version and makes sales receipt of your Magento store orders on it. To setup, your QuickBooks Integration follows the steps. If you create the QB Web connector software, as well as it is defined as a user.

Examples of QuickBooks Web Connector

By integrating the QuickBooks web connector example module into their magneto store that once can manage their e-commerce business easily. If you are using this module sales receipt for all the syncronize orders for your magneto store will be made in the QuickBooks Desktop. It will also synchronize the customer who has placed the order. This module will streamline and operate your account information also.

Features of QuickBooks Web Connector:

Now, we explain the features of QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector some points are:

  •  The QuickBooks account admin can synchronize the Magento store orders to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose to create sales receipts in QuickBooks for order place, Invoice creates, or order complete.
  • The Admin can be arranged the time period for QuickBooks scheduler.
  • Syncronize the customer type and customer address to QuickBooks.
  • Sync the product for which the order has been placed.
  • Also, Sync the shipping options used in placing the order and their information.
  • Update the Tax rates, Magento order ID and also the custom options in the sales order receipt.
  • Update the payment method you can use in placing the order and their details.
  • The guest user orders from Magneto to QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Web Connector:

Now, we mentioned the steps on how to install the Intuit web connector. Setup the QWC file so firstly following the below steps:

  • QuickBooks Web Connector download link is here: Download.
  • Now unzip the downloaded installer and run the .exe file.
  • Follow this instruction to complete the installation process.
  • This installation will install window components if you required it.

Now you can add an application into the web connector in order to receive the information into QuickBooks.

  • Firstly, you click to add an application option in the web connector.
  • Search the location of.QWC File provided to you by the third-party application.
  • and then Finish, Choose the open .qwc file.

How to Setting up Web Connector

The Qc file designed especially for QuickBooks Desktop Product, which is an XML file. This file opened easily by QuickBooks desktop web connector. If you want to add new web service into the already existing web services list, it helps to communicate with the user and also simplify the user effort to download the file.

The web connector can use with any QuickBooks products supported by the QuickBooks SDK and QuickBooks Point of Sale SDK.

We also mentioned some QuickBooks SDK Supporting Products that are:

  • Firstly mentioned the USA edition of QuickBooks Financial Software products
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
  • QB Desktop Premier
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  • United State edition QuickBooks POS
  • The Canadian Edition of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise.
  • UK Edition of QuickBooks PRo or Accountant edition.

How to Uninstall Intuit Web Connector

Now we can explain the steps hows to uninstall the QuickBooks Web connector the steps are:

  • Click on the Window+R key to get the Run Window.
  • Then type to Control and Click OK to open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Uninstall a Program button.
  • Choose the Web Connector and Click Uninstall.


You can find a web connector in the control panel, then you must delete the QBWC folder from this below location.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\


C:\Program\Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks

Steps to Resolve QBWC1085 Error:

In such cases that is possible to remove web connectors from your system startup. If you are not using the web connector then you want to delete it from the window startup group to prevent it from running every time you start your PC.

  • Firstly you get open the startup folder.
  • Now, press the Window+R to get the run window.
  • Then type into the shell: startup and click OK.
  • For Window 7 and Vista:
  • You just click on the window start button and click on all programs.
  • From the Program, the list chooses the startup menu.
  • Then right-click on the QuickBooks web connector and choose to delete this.
  • When occurring to confirm shortcut delete then click to delete the shortcut.


The QuickBooks Web Connector is basically a user interface that helps the third part web-application by sending the information. Many companies use industry-specific solutions for estimating the invoices some other stuff that caters to their business requirements. In this blog we have defined the features and what are the steps you should take at the time of installation and how to resolve QBWC1085 error, for more information read the above paragraphs.

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