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How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 106 Or 168 – Online Banking Error

When QuickBooks error 106 or 168 arises, QuickBooks Online is no longer able to recognize the account for logging into your bank’s site. In case your account has been discontinued from the banking side, then you’re unable to find the account or your banking details on the banking website. Go through the below-listed solutions to continue with your bank account and establish a connection with your banking servers. Let’s start discussing the solutions to fix the QuickBooks Online banking error 106 or 168.

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Steps To Fix QuickBooks Online Banking Error

QuickBooks Online banking errors have been encountered while uploading the bank transactions into QBO. In the below section, we have listed some solutions that will definitely work to fix your issue quickly.

Step 1: Update your Bank Account Manually

Points you must know: 

  • Many credit card or bank companies have policies to post the transactions for downloading purposes either on the same day or the next morning. So skip one day, after one day tries to update the transactions manually. 
  • If your transactions are missing, then you should wait a minimum of  24 hours until your bank hasn’t been available for the transactions for download.
  • Sometimes it may happen, you can only check the transactions instead of downloading, then wait for a day until your bank posts the transaction on the banking website.

Steps to Update your Bank Account Manually:

  • Launch QuickBooks Online and go to the left portion navigation panel where choose the Banking option.
  • Choose only those accounts you want to update right now. If all the accounts have been selected once then remove the unwanted accounts.
  • The Blue sign indicates that the account has been selected whereas the grey sign indicates that the account hasn’t been selected.
  • Once you have selected the account according to your convenience, click on the Update option.
  • Now QuickBooks asks for a Multi-Factor Authentication Number. Enter the number in the field.
  • After the accounts have been completed, a message prompts that says an update is over.

To test the method either it works or not, just checking out the last updating date and number of transactions in total. If they are changed then this method takes effect on your problem otherwise move onwards.

Step 2: Check the Security features, if any changes made by your Bank

At the very first login to your banking website where you have to check for any new message or notification, you receive it from your financial institution. Check all the unseen alerts to keep yourself safe from your online banking issues. 

The Financial Institution message you receive can be either, some security settings have been changed, updates issued regarding bank login password, or a new security feature has been introduced just update your account as early you can before making any actions to proceed further. 

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Step 3: Be sure you have entered the same URL provided by the Bank To login to the Online Banking Website 

To get assurance, check the complete URL with their alphabets or numerals, if found something wrong or missing just re-enter the URL.

  • Launch QuickBooks Online and then reach the left portion navigation panel to pick the Banking option.
  • From the top right corner of your PC, click on Add Account.
  • Seek your Financial Institution (FI) name or Bank name in the list.
  • From the List of Results, choose the bank you’re using.
  • Move your cursor at the top of the window to click on the Bank’s URL.
  • With this, your banking website will open into a new window where you have to ensure all the functionalities perform well.
  • To test the functionalities, open account summary, account details, your profile, and account history. 
  • If you’re able to do this hassle-free then everything is fine with your banking website’s URL.

QuickBooks gives an opportunity to connect with financial instruction by referring to the banking website URL. There are multiple financial institutions containing more than one URL to visit multi types of accounts, but they only provide an individual site with high-level security to establish a connection with QBO.

Step 4: Wait a minimum of 24 hours and try again

We advise following this step only when the above steps are unable to fix your problem. Sometimes the issues with your banking server, that’s why you’re no longer able to find your bank account on the banking website. When this situation happens, just wait a minimum of 24 hours, expectedly your banking side server issue might be resolved in this period. 

When the issues are with your banking side because of their interrupted services, the thing that happens can be, QuickBooks is not able to connect your bank account right now, try again later. To know further, visit your Financial Institution and get detailed information about your bank account with banking executives.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Online Error Code 106 or 168

Solution 1: Give Access to Financial Management Tools

  • Sign in to your account at
  • After you login successfully on this site, just go to the Customer Service panel where click on My Service then My Information.
  • Give allowance by clicking on Allow Financial Management Tool Access.
  • Turn On the settings and check whether you still run into the same error or it is resolved.

Solution 2: Disconnect the Account 

  • Reach out to the Transactions window then click on Banking.
  • Eliminate the account after browsing the account from the menu.
  • Open the blue box from the right of the bank name, tap on the Pencil icon.
  • Pick Edit Account Info to edit the account information.
  • Ticked the box for Disconnect the Account on save.
  • To save the changes click on the Save option.

Solution 3: Create or Add a Bank Account

  • Users need to click on Add Account.
  • Browse your bank from the list of total banks
  • Open the Search global bank fields and turn it ON from the global bank.
  • Pick the link as per your bank account. 
  • Use the separate link for your banks (Personal, Business, credit card, Savings, etc).
  • Enter the user’s login username and password to login into the banking website.
  • After the credentials have entered, just hit the Login button.
  • Sometimes your banks ask for extra information, so fill in some additional details of your bank account.
  • From the left side of your account, just check the box.
  • Scroll down to pick the QuickBooks account by following the drop-down menu
  • Pick your QuickBooks account.
  • To create a new account, click on the add new option only if you’re not previously created an account. Then click on Connect.
  • This process will take up to one or two minutes to connect. 
  • You’ll see a blue button, just click on it that says That is it, I’m finished. 
  • Go to open the For Review window to see your downloads.

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The Endmost Note 

Hope our solutions give you a direction to solve your QuickBooks online banking error code 106 or 168. We advised following our steps and solutions in the given format placed above. If the doubts or queries still remain, just find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor by releasing a call on our toll-free number. You’ll get complete support and assistance while connecting with our experts. 

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