QuickBooks Error 324
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How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 324

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QuickBooks error 324 occurs at the time of login into your bank account. The reason behind this error is when you are trying to access your financial institution(Bank) account but QuickBooks doesn’t find any account on the bank’s website. When QuickBooks doesn’t find any account then it produce the QuickBooks error code 324 on your computer screen.

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In this artical you will get to know more about the QB error 324, What are the symptoms and what causes this error and what is the possible solution to resolve this error code. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 324

Below we have mentioned the possible symptoms you may face when your computer system is struggling from QuickBooks Error 324-

  • Whenever your computer system is struggling from QB error 324 then you get an error message on your screen at the time of sign into your financial institution.
  • Your computer system will crash frequently when QB error 324 occurs.
  • Your computer system will freeze for a bit period of time.
  • It may be possible your window will block and only show the white color on your computer screen.
  • Your mouse and keyboard will work very slow.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 324

  • Your Bank account has been reclassified or moved to a new server.
  • You have changed your nickname into your financial institution.
  • If your financial institution is assigned you a new account number.
  • If you are using a credit card to make payment then it is possible your credit card is blocked.
  • When you request in banks to make a new credit card then your previous card not work then it causes QuickBooks error 324.
  • You have downloaded the corrupt setup file.
  • QuickBooks software is not properly installed on your computer system.
  • Your window registry is corrupted due to any reason.
  • Some type of virus or malware is harming your QuickBooks software.
  • You install antivirus is stopping you to get connected with your Bank account.

QuickBooks Error 324 – Solutions

Solution 1 – Reconnect or Manually update the account

  • When you get the QuickBooks error 324 on your computer screen then you also get an option of “Reconnect”.
  • You need to click on the “Reconnect” button and follow the steps and update your account with your financial institution.
  • If you don’t get any link of reconnecting or you don’t get any sign of QB error 324 but you are unable to connect with your financial institution. In that case you need to update your QuickBooks software manually.

Solution 2- If you have a new account number or credit card

Disconnect the account
  • Go into the left side menu and then select “Banking”.
  • On this window you need to tap “Account Window”.
  • Here you will get the option of “Disconnect this account and save” you need to click on this.
  • To save all the changes tap “Save” and “Close” buttons.
Connect with bank or credit card account

You can connect with your credit card into your QuickBooks software and you can also add more than one credit card account into the QuickBooks software.

  • Go to “Banking”.
  • Here you need to choose “Connect”. If you have already created an account then tap on the “Add account”.
  • After that, you need to find out your bank in the search box.
  • When you selected your bank then press the “Continue” button. 
  • After that, you need to provide your username and password to login to your bank website.
  • Then you need to add the type of account which you want to add like – Saving, Current, and Credit card, etc).

Note: If you’re new on QuickBooks online and you don’t see the option then you need the tap on the drop-down menu and select the “+Add New” to create a new chart of account.

  • To create a new bank account: choose “Saving” or “Current” account type according to you and then fill all the necessary information and then choose “Save” and “Close”.
  • To create a new credit card accounts: Modify the account type bank to “Credit card”. Fill the necessary information and then choose “Save” and “Close”.
  • Then you need to select the rage of the download the data. Some banks only downloaded the past 90dats transaction. But you need to select as much as possible then tap on “Connect”.

Solution 3-  Full malware scan of your computer system

  • QuickBooks Error 324 can occur due to malware infection.
  • In that case you need to run and scan your malware and remove all the malware from your computer system.

QuickBooks error 324 occurs at the time of connecting with your financial institution. It is happening because when you try to login with your id and password then your financial institution doesn’t get any information on the bank’s website then it shows an error on your computer screen. You can solve this error Reconnect or Manually update the account.


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