How To Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crashes: Step-By-Step Instruction

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Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at QuickBooks com error crashes.

Many users have told about this QB com error which has been disturbing several QuickBooks 2016 Desktop products such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. When these kinds of error show on the screen, QuickBooks software crash down without saving the data that has been performed.

The com error normally occurs when the user is attempting to go in transactions (SO, PO, Vendor Invoice, sending forms, attempting to print reports, after the windows update ) and when the user is using the email systems of QuickBooks inside it. This type of issue happens when the outlook on the user’s PC is a “Click-to-Run” version which can be checked with outlook.

The first case of this Crash Com Error in QuickBooks appeared up during 2014 and solutions to fix this came subsequently after.

What is QuickBooks Com Error Crashes?

A “Crash Com Error” normally appears while the important updates launched by Microsoft. One might face this error when the user trying to sending emails, Paystubs, invoices, reports or transactions. A QuickBooks user who is daily using MS Excel, Office tool or Web connectors might also experience the “Crash Com Error.”

This Crash Com Error in QuickBooks problem can be repaired in many approaches. Let’s look at the resolutions and apply the methods in the order listed given below. If a specific solution is not able to fix this error, then simply move to the next solution and perform it carefully.

Causes of QuickBooks Com Error Crashes

QuickBooks crash com error can be produced because of one or more of the following reasons:-

  • A virus or a trojan impeding the synchronize.
  • Corrupted or Lost Windows Components and MS-Office components.
  • Due to firewall blocking the QuickBooks communication process
  • When the QuickBooks software unable to communicate with Email Service or customer.
  • Due to corrupted or missing QuickBooks software Components.
  • Because of the malicious software’s destroyed the important QuickBooks components or files.

Situations where normally QuickBooks crash com error occurs

Before performing the QuickBooks crash com error troubleshooting steps, you have to know when this error happens. The resolution steps are the same for this error, no matter what you were doing or when the error appeared.

  • Users can also see this error when they attempt to open a report.
  • It can happen when the users are trying to email invoices to their customers.
  • When you are trying to open a check register, this error may occur.
  • This error may appear while you are attempting to save something.
  • Com error may pop up on the screen when the user attempting to open invoices.
  • If you are adding something, you may see this error on your screen.

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How To Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crashes

QuickBooks com error can be fixed by various methods, you may have to follow one or more of the solutions given below. Don’t forget that create a backup of your QuickBooks data before performing with the below-listed solutions:-

Solution 1: Doing System Systems Tweaks

  • First of all, update Microsoft Windows, Outlook, and Microsoft Office.
  • Then, set Outlook as your default mail application.
  • After that, disable your virus protection momentarily.
  • Now, simply add QuickBooks Firewall Exceptions.
  • In the end, restart your system and check if QuickBooks crash com error is fixed, then move on to solution 2.

Solution 2: QuickBooks Desktop and Company File Fine-tuning

  • Firstly, open and update your QuickBooks software to the latest release version.
  • Then, attempt QuickBooks manual updates if you recognize QuickBooks Update Errors.
  • Now, open and test the QuickBooks Company file to check the data sincerity of the company file.
  • After that, open the item on which QuickBooks crash com error appeared and attempt to email it.
  • Lastly, try to open another report or a form and attempt to email it to yourself to verify if the same error happens.

Solution 3: Rounding QuickBooks Form Preferences

  • First of all, you need to open QuickBooks and Company File.
  • Then, Tap on Edit >>> Preferences >>> Send Forms >>> My Preferences.
  • Now, you can view Outlook as a choice and then choose the ‘Email’ option and send it again.
  • In the end, toggle Outlook Mail Settings: Control Panel> Open Mail and choose Microsoft Outlook.

Solution 4: Windows and Microsoft Office Reparation

  • Firstly, you need to fix your Microsoft Office and this will replace the unresponsive or damaged components.
  • Then, simply update your QuickBooks software and restart your system.
  • Now you have to update your Windows once more time.
  • Finally, eliminate unknown and malicious software’s installed on your system.

Solution 5: Configure QuickBooks Firewall and Security Exceptions

  • First of all, you need to add QuickBooks Firewall Exceptions to QuickBooks Communication funnel directly.
  • Then, configure QuickBooks method and port Exceptions in your computer security software (As per User manual)
  • After that, you have to restart your system and make sure that the settings stay complete.
  • Lastly, try to open some different reports or a form and attempting to email it to yourself to verify if Crash Com Error continues, then, you need to move on to the last solution.

Solution 6: Connecting your Email Service / Client with QuickBooks Desktop

  • You need to get the email configurations that’s why you have to stay in touch with your email Service/customer service provider.
  • Then, grant the third-party application access in your email service/customer control panel.
  • If you have a non-legacy email client, stay in contact with the corresponding developers to get port details and some other specifications about QuickBooks software.
  • Now, add or configure the email settings as suggested by your email service provider.
  • In the end, check if QuickBooks com error crash, by trying to open some other report or a form and try to email it to yourself.


This error is encounter when you try to email the email invoices or other transactions. This error can occur due to Virun and trojan impeding synchronize. You can solve this error by performing QuickBooks desktop and company file fine-tunning.

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