How to Print Checks in QuickBooks: [A Complete Guide]

Are you confused to print checks in QuickBooks? Do you want to know what are the steps to print checks in QB? If your answer is “YES”, then there is good news and you have to just read this entire article.

Here, we are going to share a complete guide in which you learn the process of print checks in QuickBooks, you need to do just one thing that is you have to follow these below-listed steps carefully.

We all know that QuickBooks by Intuit is the best accounting software system used by small-sized businesses. The software allows a small business owner to retain track of income, accounts receivable and payable, and expenses as well as to control the business’s entire accounting activity report.

One feature of QuickBooks software is the facility to print checks directly from the software. The user can easily pay suppliers, employees, and general expenses, and can print a single check or multiple checks according to your requirements.

Print checks in QuickBooks

Printing checks with QuickBooks is the best technique to save your time and track expenses. With the help of this software, you can easily perform these tasks like auto-filling detail fields on your checks, such as client addresses and account numbers.

Printing a check is as simple as entering out an onscreen form that relates an actual check. Whenever you type numbers, QuickBooks software will automatically attach a check to your register, which will simplify tracking costs and billing. For further information, QuickBooks software has an auto-recall characteristic to create recurring transactions.

QuickBooks also sells checks to use with their software. Although you do not have to buy check directly from QuickBooks to use your check printing capabilities, you will not have to worry about software being incompatible by buying directly from QuickBooks.

Types of Checks QuickBooks Offers

QuickBooks software has four different types of check that you can print:

Standard Checks: This kind of check is mostly used for paying bills to a supplier who does not require to check payment details. Standard checks are also useful for those companies who want to reduce the paper-based records and would favor saving their data electronically with QuickBooks. Every page has three checks, making it quick or easy to print multiple checks at the same time.

Voucher Checks: Voucher check is usually used for payroll. Every page comes with a check at the uppermost area of the page with two tear-off stubs at the lowest part of the page. This method, the first stub can be given to the employee so they can easily see information on deductions and earnings, while the 2nd stub can be stored for record-keeping goals.

Office and Away Checks: These kinds of checks are similar to Standard Checks in that they also come with three checks every page. Every page has been punched so that checks easily fit into an office and away check binders. If you are away from the office, the binder offers you a professional-looking case, if you need to write a check in hand.

Wallet Checks: These types of checks are created especially for individual use and are the smallest of all the different types of checks. Every page has three checks with a small stub for printing payment information.

Why Should I Print Checks in QuickBooks?

There are some advantages to creating and printing checks in QuickBooks that manually writing checks does not allow you:

  • With creating and printing checks in QuickBooks software, you do not have to manually insert the check later when it is time to reconcile users checking accounts with the bank record.
  • By print checks in QuickBooks, your QuickBooks company file is always up-to-date with the most recent expenses that you have paid.
  • The best thing is that you can easily print your checks directly from QuickBooks software so that you don’t need to manually write them.

As usual, you must write and print checks in QuickBooks for payment of property and services for which payment is made instantly.

For eg, for any such vendor with whom you have not authorized the credit terms, the payment will be most “payable on receipt”, similarly, if you pay taxes and a check with your tax return Need to send, then you would like to make that payment immediately.

Steps to Print Checks in QuickBooks

With QuickBooks software, you can easily print checks separately, or in a batch of checks all at the same time, as shown below:-

To print a check or a group of checks, follow the given below steps properly:

  • If the Write Checks transaction is not already open, then, you need to choose Banking, Write Checks from the menu bar and ready your check for printing.
  • Now, In the Print drop-down list, choose from the following:

Print: Fill the check number that you are printing to.

Print Batch: Simply choose the Bank Account. Then, enter the 1st  Check Number and delete the checkmark for any check that you will not want to print in the batch.

  • After that, you will see the Print Checks pop-up box. Then, modify the default settings according to your needs.
  • Now, if you are printing a single check with the help of the Standard or Wallet check style, then, tap on the Partial Page tab. After that, verify the settings particular for how your printer requires the single check to be placed before the printing.
  • Now, tap on the Print button to print your checks. The Print Checks: Confirmation pop-up box appears on your system screen.
  • Examine the checks that simply printed. If each check printed successfully, then tap “OK” on the Print Checks: Confirmation pop-up box. In the case, if any check did not print properly, you have to place a checkmark in the Reprint column. Now you can return to step 2 and reprint the chosen checks.

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Some Tips To Print Checks in QuickBooks Perfectly

There is a list of tips to print checks in QuickBooks which will surely help you to perform these tasks perfectly.

So, don’t forget a single tip while printing process.

  • First of all, you have to make sure that you are creating standard checks, not paychecks. Then, go to Banking/Write Checks or tap on the Write Checks icon on the home page.
  • If you want to print a lot of checks, then consider assigning one individual printer to perform that task. However, save your blank checks. Never leave them in the printer.
  • If you are printing a batch of checks and after some time you understand that you have set something up incorrectly? Then Just Hit the Esc key to stop it.
  • You should double-check to ensure that your numbers match before you start a print work and you have to compare the number in the First Check Number field to the number of the first check lined up in the printer.
  • You should make sure that your printer has sufficient ink or toner before starting printing checks.
  • QuickBooks software gives a few options for check printing. tap Edit/Preferences/Checking/My Preferences. Here, the user can easily define a default account for the Write Checks feature. Simply tap on the Company Preferences for more options.

Final Words

Print checks in QuickBooks is a very common task performed by every business. QuickBooks software allows it’s a user to print checks directly from the software. Then you can easily pay to your employees, suppliers, and general expenses. You can print different types of checks according to your needs. In QuickBooks, you can print a single check as well as you can also print multiple checks simultaneously.

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