QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File-How to Fix it?

QuickBooks software gives you new various types of features but some errors faced by users here we explain the problem QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File-How to fix it? In which the company profile of QuickBooks cannot open because they create the troubleshoot problem, we can fix this error in this article. There are several types of reason create when could not open the company file, it may be possible you are not using the latest version of QuickBooks such as more troubling problem and data corrupted problem can occur.

Overview: Troubleshooting QuickBooks company file cannot open

You have to give two option to resolve your problem QuickBooks troubleshooting, read our article we give both solutions and you can decide how to resolve your problem itself, or you can also contact with our experts we can solve your problem in a very short period of time, but the time and complexity is not a issues you can also do it on your own. Read all the instructions and steps and solved the problems.

Reason: The QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open

  • The last time used QuickBooks Company file has damaged your data.
  • Corrupted hard drive with file storage and then company data also damaged.
  • Issues with file location and Extension
  • Conflicting with *QBW.TLG file.
  • Issues in reports in the file
  • If you are using the incorrect version to open QuickBooks files.
  • When you apply the wrong method to open the company file.

Following Error Messages you will be faced

Precaution when before starting the Troubleshoot

  • You should make sure the issues with the company file not in programs itself check them before starting the company files.
  • You make sure you are using the new updated version of QuickBooks software.
  • Check your QuickBooks desktop program cannot be corrupted.
  • Also, check the only one computer can host your QuickBooks company file.

Steps for Resolving the QuickBooks Company file Won’t open problems

Solution 1: Open your File Directly in QuickBooks

  • Press and hold the Ctrl key while you double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon.
  • Until your window file does not open you can hold the key.
  • Now open your QuickBooks check only one computer can access its hosting or not? If not then close down the server that opens the QuickBooks company file.
  • Turn off the hosting from another computer and following these steps also:

For Single User

Note: Turn on the hosting mode and disables for multi-users access.

  • Go to the file and then click to the Utilities then click to stop hosting for multi-users access.
  • When you follow steps 1 and disabled the multi-users access than on the screen pop up and display the confirm option then click to the YES.
  • After close the QuickBooks file this message appears then click to yes.

For Multi-Users

Note: For the multi-users, you can get set up your QuickBooks company file, this error indicated usually for the one or more clients computers are set up for multiple users.

  • This message is displayed on every client’s computer.
  • Go to the Company Open Window and choose the option Utilities.
  • Then you select the menu option of the multi-users host displayed. One or more clients computers are displayed the menu option on the screen, and clients computer prevent hosting, multi-user access because which indicate that was already hosting multi-user access.
  • Select the option to stop multi-user hosted on any other client computer, then promote to stop the multiuser hosting.
  • Then start to open the QuickBooks file again, the login window should now appear if the problem appears the reached to solution number 7.

If this solution does not work then reached your solution number 2:

Solution 2: Open your QuickBooks File from another Computer

  • Go to the QuickBooks file menu and select the option to open and restore the Company.
  • Select the option button for the type of file when you are trying to Open.
  • Browse the company file location that you are trying to Open.
  • Then select the file and click to Open.

Solution 3: Avoid the Option for QuickBooks desktop window open automatically

There are many windows open in your computer then avoid the automatically open windows.

  • Go to Company Window and select the Company file.
  • If you display the login window type your password, press and hold the ALT key and click to Ok if you release the Alt key the window displayed the Error message.

If you can open the company file without any error follow these steps:

  • For the next steps go to the Edit menu and select the Preferences.
  • Now click to the desktop view and select the don’t save the desktop.
  • Click Ok.

Solution 4: Rename.TLG and.ND Files

  • Open the company file where your company file is saved.
  • Right-click to the transaction log file and rename it also OLD.qbw.TLG, and also provide the same name as the company file with a.TLG file extension.
  • Open the Company file and then QuickBooks automatically create the.TLG and.Nd Files.

Solution 5: Open your Company File to the New Location

  • Create a new folder in C drive.
  • Then open the folder where are company file is saved.
  • Press and hold the ctrl key, and now choose the Company file(.qbw) and it’s corresponding.TLG files of your company profile.
  • Right-click and choose the option Copy.
  • Open the new folder and right click and then paste the file.

Solution 6: Check all the Properties and File Extension

  • Company File Saved folder can be Open.
  • Right-click on the company file and choose the properties option.
  • You make sure the company file size is under 7 MB.
  • Select the Advanced and make sure that the box is compressed and encrypt attributes are Unchecked.
  • Then click to Ok.

Solution 7: Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Installation

  • Run the reboot.bat.
  • Repair your QuickBooks Installation.
  • Reinstall and using the Clean Install.

Conclusion: We hope these steps are definitely solved your QuickBooks won’t open Company file problem our all steps are clear and users also solved their problems itself but still now you have faced the QuickBooks. You can solve your error by renaming the .TLG and .ND files.

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