Terms and Conditions

Auditxpert team would like to say thanks to all its clients and visitors for choosing us to assist with our accounting services & offers and also for their unbreakable trust. We request all our clients to read the terms and conditions before availing of our services. Every business organization has some terms & conditions in the form of legal contracts. The terms and conditions apply between you (the user of our website) and Auditxpert (The website owner) helps both in binding with rules and regulations for fulfilling discipline performance.

Please read all the terms and conditions very carefully as they affect legal rights. What happens if you accept or didn’t accept our terms:

  • If you agree to our T&C you start getting loyal and precise services from our accounting bookkeeping experts or specialists. 
  • If you don’t agree to our T&C you should stop using our website immediately

Terms of Use

Auditxpert has full rights to allow and deny entries of users, even the service is not applicable for all the users. To avail of our website services without any interruption, you must have to follow the basic criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. By using the website and agreeing to the conditions, you represent and warrant your age.
  • It is mandatory to qualify for our terms
  • The information you shared or entered with us must be accurate
  • Before you make any purchase, you must agree with our T&C


Our contract will tell you about terms of use for QuickBooks products and services outlined on your Auditxpert website. 

Important: If you fail to proceed with our payment due to incomplete information, provide the payment status timely otherwise sorry to say but your account is discontinued or canceled at the same moment.

  • We charge in the USA currency (in dollars) for all our services. Whenever you subscribe to any one of our services, we deducted our charges from your account and will show you inside the payment details (payment terms and conditions) agreement of your website.
  • We only accepted payments done through Credit card, Debit card, Paypal account, or the account containing sufficient balance funds to allow debits.
  • You’re only able to get paid accounting services
  • Must agree with all our Terms and Conditions while subscribing to our services

Services Offered By Auditxpert: Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Auditxpert offers multiple accounting services such as payroll and tax management, bookkeeping services, invoicing, and many others. After you charged for the service, you can return the service by checking out the return policy defined on the website. Also, you’ll get the best and innovative ideas and tips to operate your business from our website.

Availability of Product/Service

All the products on your website have high availability but sometimes due to the increasing demand of customers for the product or service might be out of stock. But when the same new products will come to stock, all your demands will be filled at the same time. Also, we will notify you about the availability of the product. One more facility that is offered is replacing or exchanging the ordered product/service. Keep remember, if the problem is about typographical or graphical errors, then we are not responsible for that.

Limitations of QuickBooks

Any changes made to the Audixpert site without permission is forbidden. Auditxpert never says that our information is applicable and suitable for use in all areas. 

Liability Disclaimer Restrictions

Keep note, the highest liability will be limited to the purchasing price amount of the selling product. Auditxpert is not in charge of any kind of third party claims, delayed services, damages against any customer, interrupted services, business loss, or any damages to the customer.


As per the State Laws, Auditxpert added state sale tax shipping charges when shipping of any order to the specified address. To get more details, contact us.


If any member wants to reimburse or hold their claims, either its parents, partners, agents, or colleagues for any demand with reasonable lawyer fee and by any third party, including use of member’s services or related agreement breaks down.

Complete Agreement

All the terms and conditions discussed will be fulfilled with the Auditxpert Invoice related to products ordered by clients and there is a special agreement between you and Auditxpert, every new offer product or service, oral and written conditions, warranties, and other stands by. Other communications about the subject product between you and us.

Copyright and Trademark Information

All the content involved and accessible on Auditxpert official site, involving videos, images, test content, design, graphics, interfaces is within reserved rights. Using the website content for multiple purposes other than licensing, modification, or distribution or for any commercial purpose of any kind other than being used without writing consent of Auditxpert administrator is highly prohibited.

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