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Resolve Intuit View My Paycheck Not Working Issue

Intuit View My Paycheck comes inside the online services where all the information provided the employers such as employee salaries and wages. Employees will get to know all these, once they log in to an employee account online. On the other hand, Intuit View my paycheck authorizes you to upload everything about paycheck to Intuit servers. View My Paycheck not working and unable to View my paycheck occurs generally while users are trying to access their paycheck information online. Intuit has effective features that you’re not ever seen before, helping to add user experiences with the applications.

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Intuit provides top-notch features that are applicable to all QuickBooks Online users and is a part of the payroll subscription of QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop cost. We never say all the features are appropriate, there may be some issues with the features due to which QuickBooks view my paycheck not working issue arise. Let’s move to follow troubleshooting steps, take a closer look at it:

Solutions To Fix View My Paycheck Not Working Issue

While working on QuickBooks Online, if you are getting this error “view my paycheck not working”. Don’t worry this is a common issue and you can trigger it any time manually by following our quick guide. But we advised you to follow the steps on your account carefully, once the sequence of steps goes interrupted, some other issues will prompt you.

Solution 1: Open QuickBooks Workforce in a Private Browser supports Incognito

In several cases, you will get the same error when attempting to open QuickBooks Workforce with your daily browser but unable to sign in with the right credentials. To trigger the issue, open QuickBooks Workforce in an Incognito Window of your daily browser(if it supported) otherwise choose any other browser that supports incognito such as Google Chrome. Maybe the problem is with your daily browser rather than QuickBooks paychecks. 

Open the private browser windows with their separate keys:

  • For Google Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N together
  • For Internet Explorer, press  Ctrl + Shift + P together
  • For Mozilla Firefox, Press  Ctrl + Shift + P together
  • For Safari: Command + Option + P together

Follow the sequence of solutions, if the first solution is unable to trigger your query. 

Solution 2: Clearing Browser Cache Memory

Clear your cache saves some space in your internal memory, might this be the reason due to which “view my paycheck not working” prompts you on your screen. If you are facing the same issue while opening and sending the paystubs data then clear your cache immediately. Follow the steps for clearing browser cache memory separately. 

Clearing Internet Explorer Browser Cache Memory 

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to tools and click on it, then go to Safety
  • Hit Removing Browser History and unmark the Preserve Favourites Website Data. Now choose the data you would like to delete: Cookies and Website Data
  • Temporary Internet-connected File and Website Data. Once you know, tap on Delete
  • Attempt to log in to View my Paycheck. Maybe your View My Paycheck Not Working Issue gets resolved, If the login status is still pending to open, then choose another browser for a successful sign in. 

Clearing Internet Explorer Browser Cache Memory 

  • Launch Google Chrome and type manually in their address bar((chrome://settings/clearBrowserData)
  • Once you enter, you will be directly visited Clear Browsing Data Window, then click on advanced options
  • Now you’ll be able to see multiple options, pick any
    • Browsing History
    • Download History
    • Cookies and Other sites Data
    • Cached images and files
  • Click on All-time when your browser asks for the time range
  • Move back to Google Chrome Browser and attempt to reopen it

Check whether your issue is fixed or is it still the same. If you want to follow up the separate steps of all the browsers to trigger your issue, you can do it. 

Clearing Mozilla Firefox Browser Cache Memory 

If you use this browser as your default browser, then you should not worry at all, Follow the easy steps for clearing Mozilla Firefox browser cache memory:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  • Visit Settings present on the top-right and click on it
  • Choose Privacy and General
  • Reach to Cookies and Site Data through the drop-down menu
  • Tap on clear data
    • Check-mark
    • Cookies and Sites
    • Cached Web Content
  • Click on the “Clear” option for clearing firefox browser cache memory

Clearing Safari 6 and 7 Browser Cache Memory 

  • Launch Safari
  • From the top left side, click on Preferences
  • Hit the Advanced Option will see at the top of the window
  • From the Menu Bar, click on Show Develop Menu
  • Enter Develop Choice and pick empty choices by clicking on it
  • Quit all the Windows will be opened inside the Safari Browser
  • Re-launch the safari browser 

Clearing Safari 8 Browser Cache Memory 

  • Click on History and then choose Clear History and Website Data
  • Choose the time frame of all your history up to you when asks for it from the drop-down list
  • It’s time to clear all your history, cookies, and other website data 
  • Quit all the Windows will be opened inside the Safari Browser
  • Re-launch the safari browser 

Expectedly your “View my paycheck not working” can get resolved by clearing the browser cache memory. Still, we have one more solution, attempt to fix it now.

Solution 3: Working with a Supported or Up-to-date Browser

View my paycheck not working or unable to view my paycheck issue can also occur when the browser you are working with is outdated or currently not supported by Intuit. Always check that the browser you are using to perform activities and to access QuickBooks workforce has good compatibility with your browser. As well as your browser is according to the latest release version and having the latest maintenance release of the software. If you get the outdated version, then try to update to the latest release as early as you can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate View My Paycheck in QuickBooks

For activating the view my paycheck feature, you need to Sign up to View My Paycheck Intuit website to run your payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.  Also, you have to upload the paychecks information manually to your account in the Paychecks field. To login to your account successfully, enter your credentials including username and password, and log in to the website where you can verify the pay stubs. 

Steps to set up View My Paycheck in QuickBooks

Ensure that the version you are working with is the latest version of QuickBooks and it also has the latest QB Payroll updates. Check everything about it by following the steps:

  • Click on Employees and then pick Manage Payroll Cloud Services
  • If you are unable to get the location of the Manage Payroll Cloud Services option specifying that your desktop works with outdated payroll updates. Visit Intuit’s official site and check for new payroll updates and then download it.
  • Check-mark the box against “View My Paycheck”
  • Generate and then Confirm a pin used for sending payroll data
  • Click on Save Changes, whenever you see Confirmation Box, just hit Return to QuickBooks
  • You need to upload the respective paychecks for accessing the ViewMyPaycheck before creating a new account by the employees in Intuit‘s View My Paycheck

How can I view, Download and Print your Paychecks

After your issue is troubleshot, you can easily view, download, and print your Paychecks by opening the Paychecks Tab. If you are an employer, only you are required to have an email address on which you create your profile. You will receive an invitation via email.

  • Go to the Workers Tab  and then click on Employees
  • Hit Employee name and then Choose Edit Employee
  • Put your Email Id in the email ID field, from the Personal Info section
  • Ensure to check the Invite this employee for viewing their pay stubs and W-2s online box. 
  • Hit Done to save the changes you made

The Bottom Line

We expect all your queries related to viewing my paycheck not working are now troubleshot. Now you’ll be able to activate, view, download, and print your paychecks. If you have some other query that would not be discussed here, don’t worry get help from us by contacting our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors through the toll-free number. To solve your other error issues, use QuickBooks File Doctor for automatically fixing the errors rather than manually.

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