QuickBooks Student discount
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QuickBooks Student Discount

There are lot’s of students are studying accounting and bookkeeping tasks or other finance-related courses. To better understand the accounting they need to work on any accounting software. Students are putting there lot’s of money in their collages, couching centers and some of the students take loans for their study. So, in that situation, it is very difficult to purchase expensive accounting software and pay monthly for their accouting software.

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As you know QuickBooks software has its unique features and these unique features make this software more expensive. So it is very difficult to purchase by the students. So, QuickBooks decided to launch a program for those students who are studying accounting and bookkeeping the name of the program is “QuickBooks Student discount”. QuickBooks helps every student who wants to make his career in the accounting field and gives them more opportunity to use the best accouting software at discount rates.

You must have to carefully choose your plan. You need to take the advice of your Teacher or Instructor which version of QuickBooks is suitable for your study. Because there are several versions of QuickBooks are available in the market.

The version of the QuickBooks software is very to different courses so carefully choose your version of QuickBooks software.

When you successfully decided which version of Quickbooks you really need then you need to contact your teacher and ask them where to avail QuickBooks Education discount for buying it. Otherwise, you can go to the computer store or university bookstore and apply for QuickBooks student discount then you are allowed to purchase this software at a discount rate.

If you are unable to get the QuickBooks student discount at your university bookstore, in that case, you need to contact different software providers and ask them for students discount. There are many software providers available in the market then you need to contact everyone because the same version of the software can be a sale at different prices. Sometimes they give the holiday discount so, you need to be active to take the discount.

Note: You must have to beware of fraud because there are lot’s of piracy is available in the market. So, you always have to purchase genuine software.

Intuit official website offers QuickBooks software for United States students and teachers, including QuickBooks online also. Students are accepted for free download and also get free one-year access to QuickBooks Online plus, and Educators also received a free, known- Expiring license for QuickBooks online accountants. Get free QuickBooks software with this link below:

Eligibility To Get QuickBooks Student Discount

Intuit is providing the discount facility for the students. QuickBooks gives coupon code in which they get the discount so, the student can give their best in accounting. Every student always searches for less amount but best features accounting software. Here students search stop because Intuit always does best for students. QuickBooks student discount program helps the students to grow their career in the field of accounting. While other accounting software does not offer nay QuickBooks accountant student discount. For getting this discount you must be fit in the given below criteria:

  • Public or Private college or University.
  • Recognized primary or secondary school
  • A school district or board of education.
  • Acknowledge public or private school that provides full-time instruction for students in grades K-12.
  • Including Public or Private college or university community, junior college or vocational school also.

3 Best Places to Buy QuickBooks Software on Discount

Now, we explain the best place for buying QuickBooks on a heavy discount, QuickBooks users like students and educators can read and check out all terms and conditions for buying QuickBooks free or discount rating. We explain the number of the company that sells QB for a discount, the Price is regularly changed so you will make sure you compare different prices online before purchase and be careful of discount looks too good to be true.

The first company that gives a discount for QuickBooks software:

Student Discounts.com

Here, you get more discount on QuickBooks Software, Different types of QuickBooks version and its price list given below:

  • For QuickBooks Pro 2011 Windows: $109.99
  • QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit: $109.99
  • For QuickBooks Premier 2011 Windows: $109.99

Here, Students will get the $100 discount form this company. we make sure you choose the best QuickBooks version from here.


JourneyEd is an online bookstore that sells different types of products to the student at discount. This company also provides the QuickBooks training material or tools and electronic gadgets and accessories like a laptop, tablet so on.

QuickBooks Accountant 2011 version is specially developed for accounting students. The JourneyEd company gives a discount on this version and its price started as :$99.95.

Intuit Education Program:

Intuit has developed this Program education facility that enables students and educators for growing their tax accounting and bookkeeping related skills. It requires effort to coordinate this program and then buy your copy of QuickBooks Software. An educator that access the additional study resources. The Intuit Education Program get discount on some versions of QuickBooks software to educator or student in Canada.

  • Accountant Education site license for 10 computer QuickBooks price: $259.95
  • License for 25 computer QuickBooks price: $399.95
  • Site license for 50 computer QuickBooks price: $599.95

Other Discount Software for Students:

Here, several types of discounted software available but depending on interests and areas of study that you may consider. In below we explain the most common software maybe that helps many students. The following software as:

Microsoft Portal Products:

Every accounting student will require a copy of Microsoft Office to write an essay, presentation and also prepared spreadsheets. these options also free in openoffice.org, but you have cannot access the most popular products. the discounted version of Microsoft office is now available for students and also you can purchase at $99.95 from Microsoft store.

Apple Store:

Apple software mostly sells the QuickBooks and Educational products at an educational discount including MacBooks and iPods. The Discounted software sell through the apple store that including:

  • iBank4 at the prize: $59.95 for personal finance
  • Adobe CS5.5 Design Standard for Student and Teacher Edition at price$299.95 for graphic and media design.
  • Final Draft 8 at pricing: $249.95 for script writing
  • iWork at price $71.


If you want to buy efficient accounting software at a lower price, so you have to come and buy software at a cheap price. Intuit offers this great opportunity for buying accounting software. You can easily be registered on the Intuit site and then buy all QuickBooks versions at a cheaper price. You need further details regarding QuickBooks Student discount so get in touch with us and our Experts always ready for helps our Customers.

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