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When you try to open any specific feature of QuickBooks which is required to the web to proceed and the feature is directly connected to the QuickBooks server to perform a specific function. They need to use the third party application to communicate with the server. When your QuickBooks software unable to communicate with the QuickBooks server in that case you get the QuickBooks Script Error.

Let’s understand in deep what is QuickBooks Script Error

QuickBooks Script Error is related to your browser error. This error mostly occurs at the time of exchanging the information the QuickBooks software and a webpage. This QuickBooks Script Error is mostly coming when your browser VBscript is facing a problem. While your QuickBooks software tries to download the information from the QuickBooks online server under the guidelines of the user. Then script error comes on your computer screen behind the scene your downloading information request gets an error. You may face this error when you are using any version of the QuickBooks for example- QuickBooks Onlne, QuickBooks Desktop, etc.

You may get to see different formate of error message

  • Error in Script
  • Script Error
  • Script Error line #####character ## Object #####

Causes of QuickBooks Script Error

Below you will get to see some points that cause the QuickBooks Script Error:-

  • Then the function of your browser script is not working properly or blocked.
  • Some type of virus and malware is effected your browser to work the script.
  • If you have changed the previous setting of your browser then you will get the QuickBooks script error.
  • Getting error on a specific website.
  • The plugin of the script has been damaged like Java, Adobe, Flash, etc.
  • If you are downloading the data which is not compatible with the script then your might get the error code on your computer screen.
  • If you don’t clear your cache for a long time and the space of chache becomes full.
  • Your computer Active X component has been missing or damaged.
  • By mistake, you have enabled the scripting debugging feature.
  • Sometimes your installed application can interrupt the script to work properly.
  • Your QuickBooks data file has been corrupted and damaged.
  • If your Windows user is damaged.

Solutions to Fix the QuickBooks Scripting Error

There are several causes of scripting error so the solution of the error fully depends upon the cause below we are going to discuss all the possible solutions.

Solution 1: Clear the cache of your browser which you use to communicate with the QuickBooks server

Mostly user of the windows use their default internet explorer to load the QuickBooks request to the server below we are going to discuss you can clear your cache in the “Internet Explorer”:-

  • Firstly you need to click twice on the icon of “Internet Explorer”.
  • Then you need to go inside the “Tools”.
  • Then you need to choose the option of “internet Option”>” General”.
  • After that go inside the “browsing history”.
  • Here you will get to see the option of the “Delete”.
  • Now you need to check all the boxes for example (Cookies, history & Temp files).
  • Once you selected all the boxes then tap on the “Apply”>”Ok”.

Solution 2: Disable all your add-ons

  • First, you need to go inside the “Tools”>”Internet Options”.
  • Here you will get to see the option of the “Programs”>”Manage add-ons”.
  • Now you must have to tap on the “Disable add-ons” > “Ök”.

Solution 3: Reset the setting of the browser into default

  • First, you need to go inside the “Internet Explorer” > “Tools”/
  • After that, you need to choose the “Advanced” > “Reset to Default”.
  • To save your setting press the “Apply” and then “Ok” button.

Solution 5: Disabling your script debugging into your browser

  • First, you need to open your default browser.
  • Then go inside the “Advanced” tab.
  • After scrolling, you will get to view two option of (Disable the script debugging & Disable Script Debugging other)
  • In the end, you need to select the “Apply” and then “Ok”.

Solution 6: Configure the security setting of third party applications

If you have enabled your default browser security application then you must have to disable it. For disabling this you need to go into the configure setting then disabled it.

Solution 7: Re-install the plugin software.

Some time your plugin gets damaged or corrupted in that case your need to reinstall all your plugins for example Java, Adobe Flash, and. Net framework etc.


The QuickBooks script error mostly occurs at that time when you are trying to communicate with the QuickBooks online server with the help of any web browser. Due to your browser corrupted script you are unable to communicate with the QuickBooks online server in that case you need to manually fix this error. I already discussed all the possible solutions to this error above still you have any problem regarding the QuickBooks software then you can take the guidance from QuickBooks customer service number.

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