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Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXXX: Unrecoverable Error

QuickBooks payroll setup error prompts in the format of 00000 XXXXX. The error code changes on the basis of what you’re trying to do in payroll and which QuickBooks version and release you have been used. The error messages of this error represented as: “Error: QuickBooks Payroll Setup – Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX” or “Unrecoverable Error: Error Code: XXXXX XXXXX.” The ranges of these codes start from 00000 00001 to 00000 99999.

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Possible Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error or Unrecoverable Error

Usually, you start facing such kinds of error when a file in the vendor or employee center, on a timesheet having a special character. Or when there is any form of duplication in the employee’s name. At this point in time, you can face the following error issues, which are listed below:

  • 00002 71328
  • 00002 20123
  • 00000 17002
  • 00000 38049
  • 00000 88579
  • 00000 38772
  • 00000 97340
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 40370

Additional errors:

  • 00000 99867
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 34289

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How to Resolve Payroll Setup Error or Unrecoverable Error

  • From here you’ll know the concept of handling multiple exceptions comes inside this error, so keep patience and read it completely.
  • Along with the error message prompts, click on View Report URL from the error window. In the next window, you’ll get to know about a partial view of the failure’s details.
  • Browse and navigate to the file ReportHeader.xml and open it by clicking twice on the file name from the list in the window. You must open your files in Internet Explorer.
    • If you’re unable to open your file, then record the storing location of the file ReportHeader.xml.
    • Open your Windows Explorer and go with it to the location where Reportheader.xml file and open the file ReportHeader.xml by right-clicking and then select Open in a new window to open the file in Internet Explorer.
  • From your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl F for opening the search box, once opened type Exception String 0 in the search field.

In the report, the exception after Exception String 0 will be derived where the error is coming from and you have to make the perspective changes to make it correct.

Below we have figured out some illustrations that make it clear, how to deal with the Exception String 0 reports and how to resolve them.

Illustration 1: <Name>Exception String 0</Name> <Value>System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: “alabama real estate research & education” Key being added: “alabama real estate research & education” at System.Collections.SortedList.Add…</Value>

To resolve this exception issue:

  • Go to the top menu bar, choose Vendors then Vender center
  • Search for vendor Alabama real estate research & education, In the list, you’ll get at least twice
  • Rename the duplicates with their unique names so that each vendor has a separate identity. 
  • To make these changes or to edit the vendor, click twice on the vendor name, and by following the on-screen prompts just save the changes.

Illustration 2 : <Name>Exception String 0</>Name> <Value>System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range. at Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid.GridRangeInfo..ctor(Int32 top, Int32 left, Int32 bottom, Int32 right) at Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid.GridRangeInfo.InternalCells(Int32 top, Int32 left, Int32 bottom, Int32 right)…</Value>

This error occurs when a payroll item contains a value specifying other than what was expected. There is a minor difference in the form of cents to a dollar changed in one of the payroll items or in the employee setup. 

You can work with payroll checkup for both finding and updating the value that will not be degraded within the expected range come under the troubleshooting.

Illustration 3: <Name>Exception String 0</Name> <Value>System.Exception: exception thrown in background thread —> System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘(unnamed employee)’ Key being added: ‘(unnamed employee)’ at System.Collections.SortedList.Add(Object key, Object value) at.

This error occurs when you’re having duplicates of an employee’s name in the employee list. To encounter this error issue, you need to check the complete employee list and then remove the duplicates by renaming it with the unique name in the employee center.

  • Go to the top, then click Employees >> Employee Center
  • Go to the View drop-down, then click on the All employees option. This leads you to include the inactive employees in the list
  • In the same list, navigate to the duplicate employees’ name, then right-click on the employee name, where you find a delete employee option, just click on it
  • If you’re no longer able to delete the duplicate employee, then this might happen due to linked payroll transactions. To fix this problem, you need to move the transaction to the first employee listed with that name, then attempt to delete the employee name once more.
  • If you’re having nothing in duplicate payroll transactions for the employee, the reason behind this issue might be your time card data is corrupted. To get it resolved, go to Employees then Enter Time, and check all the entries you contain to find entries with odd and invalid characters.

Note: The other reason behind the occurrence of this error is duplicate payroll items in their list. Check your payroll item list timely and make sure there are no duplicates in the list. If found, change or rename it at the same time.

Illustration 4: System.Exception: exception thrown in a background thread. System.ArgumentException; Item has already been added. Key in a dictionary. “(unnamed employee)” “the specified special account exists already”

This error occurs due to blank characters on the employee name in the employee center. The character must be a space that will be counted before the employee name or names of the employee. This might occur when you choose Print on check as while putting the employee name. 

To fix this error:

  • Go to the top menu bar, choose Employees, then visit the Employee Center
  • From the view drop-down, click on All employees to include inactive members in the list
  • Now you have to review all employee names, if there is an extra space then remove it to manually fill the First Name and Last Name of an employee. 

Illustration 5: Intuit.Spc.Foundations.Portability.SpcfIllegalArgumentException: Arguments have invalid values. at Intuit.Payroll.Tax.PayrollItemTaxability.GetTaxabilityRelationship(TaxTag nonTax, TaxTag tax) at Intuit.Payroll.Engine.QBAdapter.GetDefaultTaxabilityRelationship(Int32 taxTTT, Int32 nonTaxTTT) at UPS.PayrollEngine.PPE.GetDefaultTaxability(Int32 law, QB2005TaxTrackingType track)

<Name>Exception String 0</Name><Value>System.ArgumentException: Font ‘Arial’ does not support style ‘Regular’…

This is an Arial font issue that can be resolved by downloading the European Union Expansion Font Update.

If a customer is unable to download the fonts, to resolve the issue you require email the customer the Arial (True Type) Font

  • Open your Control Panel and then open Fonts
  • Scroll to the Arial (True Type) into an email and share an attachment with the customer
  • Before opening the attachment, close your QuickBooks. Open the attachment and click on the Install button, then follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation
  • In case, there is no install button place there, just save your attachment first then scroll to the Arial (True Type) item under the Fonts folder
  • Restart your computer and then open QuickBooks

Illustration 6: System.IO.FileNotFoundException:Could not load file or assembly…

To fix this exception, you need to repair your QuickBooks Desktop. If you’re unable to do this, then perform a clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop in a selective startup mode.

Errors: 00000 99867, 00000 88703, 00000 34289.  Report Header: System.Exception: exception thrown in background thread —> System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.

One by one we have discussed the causes and solutions to fix these errors, have a look at it:

Error 00000 99867

This error occurs when you have chosen a blank state while the employee’s setup. To get it resolved you have two options, either make your State field into the Valid state or choose none.

Error 00000 88703

The cause of this error is when the First name and Last name leave as blank while the employee sets up. As long as, the name is visible in the EE list. To resolve this issue, fill the leave banks by entering their missing names.

Error 00000 34289

This error shows up when an employee has a payroll item set as a percentage in the employee setup screen even though the payroll item is restricted to use a percentage amount. To fix the error issue, do some changes in your amounts to convert them into non-percentage types.

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The Bottom Line

After providing a detailed view of all your exceptions that shows up within the payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX, we make sure that you’re now able to fix your exceptions by reading this guide. But still, some doubts are remaining to cover up from us, just dial our toll-free number and get ready to contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor to know your answers.

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