How to Use QuickBooks GoPayment
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How to Use QuickBooks GoPayment

QuickBooks Gopayment application is a very simple and easy process for card payment, this software has accepted the card payments anytime and anywhere with a simple mobile card reader for android phone and any card reader. Because it is a mobile credit card processing services developed by Intuit official website. Using these Gopayment methods you can easily get all the payments by your credit card. It is assistance developed by intuiting that help QuickBooks user to the processor and their credit card transaction by the web-enabled devices from apple and android phone users. It starts with mobile payments.

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In which free plugins credit card required and you can also scan a card with your mobile camera or key in the card details directly. it is processed in which customers get paid easily from anywhere and anytime. When the payment process is completed then you can easily send the emails and text receipt to your customers. It takes some time to complete the process, in this method, you can easily customize the receipt including your logo, stores information, social media link, and personal messages and now you can add the list of items you have to want frequently selling, Including (pricing, description, and photos).

What is QuickBooks GoPayment?

Now, here we define the what is QuickBooks payments, it is on the go credit card, cash, and checks payments processing solution. Now users can swipe the credit card and using the proprietary QuickBooks chips stripe reader or the detailed can be keyed on the iOS and android app. Using the QB GoPayment, merchants can get rest assured that their customers are aware of dues because of the application can be used for Invoices, a business can easily track through the recipients has received and looked the notices.

The Intuit QuickBooks Gopayment synchronizes with the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop, it makes the reconciliation of Invoices and payments more seamless and also allowing to the merchant to match the records faster with few errors.

 Advantages of  Intuit Gopayment:

Now we can describe some benefits of Intuit Gopayment login that are following as:

  • It can provide an efficient and easy way to get paid.
  • The payments will be generated automatically into QuickBooks.
  • That provides free services for our customers.
  • Syncronize with the QuickBooks.
  • Also, accept mobile payments and not let a sale missed out.

Features of QuickBooks Gopayment

Now, you can read the features of Intuit Gopayment chip readers that is following as:

  • Invoices
  • Invoices Tracking
  • Bank Transfers
  • Personalized Payment reminders
  • Cash and check payment processing
  • Matching invoice and payment
  • Capture the signature
  • QuickBooks synchronization
  • Credit card processing

Takes the Payments On the Go:

Into the iPhone and Android phones, you can connect your card reader which process there are no requirements of the card reader, so you can easily anywhere, and every time scan the card with your cameras or key in the card detail straight.

Easily Get Paid Payments:

We suggest to right in your device to allow the payments and you will be able to email and text receiving to your clients and also accepting the payments takes some minutes to complete the transaction.

Do It on Your Way

  • Now you can also add your brand and store the information and social media links and also customizes the messages in your receipt.
  • You can also add the list item if you very often sell, incorporate price, description, and features.
  • Creates the own Quick order from your item and enters the custom amounts.

Grow your Business

Now explain some points of how to grow your business with QB Gopayment that are following as:

  • You can add to get payments to the 50 users on behalf of your business.
  • If you have any problem with payments so you can use the online service center to accept the refund or review your credit card transaction.
  • Also, you can easily track your continues sales goals on your gear watch and also track the exact time of day you make the most sales.
  • Encrypted credit card processing and work safely.

3 Steps to get started your Intuit Gopayment login

Now you can follow these 3 steps and easily you can get paid to our customers and it will also help to manage your business with Intuit Gopayment. These 3 steps are following as:

  • Install the free Gopayment app in your Phone.
  • Complete all the processors of your application.
  • Now get approved

Now you can easily complete your transaction by the credit cards within minutes with the help of QB Gopayment.

You never miss a sale with mobile credit card processing- QuickBooks Gopayment:

  • Accept credit card payments anywhere.
  • You can take all payment types: accept and records all master cards.
  • Transaction plus records and money
  • Then checks the payments.

Gopayments work with QuickBooks:

All the group actions synchronized with QuickBooks and also get the image purpose of sales merchandise to assist you for totally manage your business.


Using this application you can easily customize the personal receipts and add your logo to fits for your business needs.

Uses of QuickBooks Gopayment

In this blog, we can explain all also the uses of Intuit Gopayment chip reader that is following in the steps that are:

Step 1: Download the Gopayment application

You can easily download this application from the Apple app store or the google play store from the android and iPhones. They are also available for both phones.

Step 2: Login into the Gopayment application

If your download is completed then you get login first and create the account on the Intuit
Gopayment processing.

Step 3: Now, you get ready to take your first Payment

Noe plugin your card until you hear it to Click and turn up the volume and the check you will receive the first payment.

Step 4:Swipe you’re Card

Now you are ready to accept credit and get paid, swipe your card when mark to receive your first plastic payment, now the customers enter the key and scan your card or go online for accepting the credit card. Now, they can record your checks and cash also.

QuickBooks Gopayment Pricing plan

Now we create the table below because we explain the pricing of Intuit Gopayment processing:

Free TrialYes
QuickBooks desktop pay as you GoFree
QuickBooks Desktop Pay monthly$20.00 per month
QuickBooks Online pay as you GoFree

You can check the pricing plans of the Intuit Gopayment login process and choose our plans our the best of your business growing.


QuickBooks GoPayment is an efficient way to receive your customer’s payments. QuickBooks GoPayment is the right choice for all the small size business users. This feature of QuickBooks helps you to save your important time, effort and money. In this program you we a wide range of Gopayment Device Compatibility.

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