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Resolve QuickBooks Error TD500: Updating Issue (There Was A Problem With Your Update)

QuickBooks error TD500 shows up with an error message that says “There was a problem with your update” appears when attempting to process a credit card in QuickBooks Desktop. Another reason that promotes this error is working with more than one version of the QuickBooks Desktop you have installed. To prevent yourself from facing this error issue, and to keep yourself safe with QuickBooks payments, just follow the below-listed solutions in the given sequence. 

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Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error TD500

We have discussed quick steps in order to resolve this error. So let’s get started:

Solution 1: Uninstalling QuickBooks 2016 and Install the Repair File

You only need to pick this solution if you no longer want to work with QuickBooks 2016. The point you must know if you’re uninstalling QuickBooks, it doesn’t give a negative impact by erasing your QuickBooks company data file.

  • Start by pressing the F2 key in QuickBooks and check which QuickBooks version you’re working with
  • Close all your QuickBooks versions you’re using
  • Now the user needs to click on the Windows Start button. Seek for Control Panel and open it
  • Make a selection of programs and features or uninstalling a program
  • Right-click on QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0 and then click on Uninstall/Change. Follow the on-screen instructions to end the process

Note: If you didn’t get this option on your screen, logout from the current window and login back in with administrative level permissions by using their credentials. 

  • Click twice on the file to unzip it
  • Right-click on quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat and then click on run as admin
  • Once the installation is completed, open the QuickBooks version which you want to encounter the error
  • You can proceed with the customer payments in the same way you were doing earlier

Solution 2: Updating QuickBooks (all versions) and Install the Repair File

After following the first solution, the next solution is to update all your QuickBooks versions and repair the QuickBooks files. Let’s do it:

  • The user has to press the F2 key to know the QuickBooks version being used
  • Quit the QuickBooks version, if you’re installing more than one QuickBooks. Be sure you have closed all of them

Check your QuickBooks Desktop Version

  • To check your QuickBooks Desktop version: Go to the Windows Start icon and click on it
  • Finding letter Q
  • Using down arrow for the QuickBooks folder to see all the QuickBooks versions you have installed

Installing QuickBooks Updates to Repair The File

  • User needs to open all the QuickBooks version and make sure QuickBooks is updated

Note: To check for updates, click on Help then Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • Be sure you’re working with an updated version of QuickBooks. By following the downloading of the repaired file. The file must save at a location where the user easily spot it (such as Desktop)
  • Click twice on the file to unzip it
  • Now right-click the quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat and click on run as admin
  • After the process has been completed, open your QuickBooks Desktop that consisting of error issues
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and then proceed with the customer payments as usual

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The Bottom Line

May our above-listed methods be capable of solving your QuickBooks error TD500. But in case you’re still unable, don’t hesitate while making a call on our toll-free number to interact with our QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our professionals will give you complete support around the clock.

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