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How To Resolve QuickBooks Error PS107: QB Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks Error PS107 encounters when trying to download the payroll updates. During this, a message takes place that says your internal file of QuickBooks has become unreadable with the code displayed PS107. This error arrives due to technical issues with payroll updates or when using corrupted payroll updates. Using a damaged file in QuickBooks Desktop might be a reason behind the occurrence of this error. Figure out more reasons by checking the below section:

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Causes of QuickBooks Error Code PS107

  • When your server is down or under maintenance
  • Malware or virus attacks on your QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks company file has been damaged.
  • If you’re working with an outdated version of finance programming 
  • Check your membership status with QuickBooks timely, after the membership has expired, you start getting the error code PS107 in QuickBooks
  • Stopping the installation process in the middle might cause the same error issue

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Methods To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Code PS107

Solution 1: Stop the Running Processes

The first solution that works well in this situation is to stop the process running in the background. To do this, go through the below-listed steps by following their sequence. 

  • At very first, reach out to the Task Manager either by pressing Shortcut keys (Ctrl + Alt + Esc)
  • Open the Processes window to check the ongoing processes
  • Seek your process, once found click on it
  • Pick either the end process button or end task button to end the processes

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks Desktop to its Latest Release

  • Reach out to the Help menu where seek for Update QuickBooks option
  • After finding click on Press and select all the options
  • Save the changes by clicking on the Save button
  • Next click on the Update option
  • Go inside the Press updates section where click on Get updates
  • When a popup prompts “update is finished”, move back from the QuickBooks Desktop or close it

Solution 3: Check your Windows Installer Checkbox is marked or not

  • Press Ctrl + R keys to open the Run Command
  • Type Msconfig and then hit enter
  • Open the General window where click on Selective Startup, Load Startup items, Load system services
  • Go to the Services window, choose Hide Microsoft services
  • Now click on the Disable button
  • Eliminate the Hide Microsoft Services option 
  • Open the complete services list to make sure that you have checked the Windows Installer checkbox
  • If you found it unchecked then marked it now and hit the Enter button
  • If the option is not present at this location then move to open the System Configuration window
  • Click on Reboot or Restart
  • Start your PC to perform a clean installation 

Solution 4: Download and Install the Payroll Updates

  • Pick an external device for updating payroll, you can either use CD or Disk to update the payroll
  • Reach out to the Get Payroll updates and open the window
  • Inside the Install Payroll Update window, you have to seek for Update.dat or Update3.dat
  • Click on Browse to find the file
  • From the Install by options, just choose your payroll updating method, if you choose CD then click on the CD Drive option
  • From the Payroll Update CD, click on Update.dat or Update3.dat
  • Open the file and then click on OK inside the same window

Solution 5: Create a Backup of Company file in Single-User Mode

  • Go to the File option where seek for Switch to single user mode option 
  • Once found, click on Switch to single-user mode
  • Go to the QuickBooks File menu where click on Backup Company 
  • Click on Create Local
  • From the create a backup window, click on the Local Backup option, then click on the Options button
  • From the backup options window, tap on browse to find a specific location for storing the backup created
  • After finding the location, hit the Enter button
  • On the same page you’ll see more than one options, just check out all the options
  • If you would like any option, just click on it then hit enter to save it
    • To differentiate one backup file from another, we advised either give a name to your backup files by mentioning their dates or use “add date and time” functionality while creating backups
    • Check how many backups a folder contains, if you change something in their permissions, then fill the backup number 
    • To get reminders from your screen, just mark the checkbox specifying “remind me to take a backup every time, I close the company file”. For daily backup reminders, provide a frequency number to get ease from this functionality
    • Click the Verification option to verify the backups you have created 
    • Enable Alerts so that if any corrupts or damages presents in your file, you’ll know at the same moment
    • Skipping the verification speeds up your process. 
  • It is up to you what you want to pick from the following options: quick verification, complete verification, no verification.
    • Quick verification: This verification process finishes very quickly but doesn’t check your complete files same as your complete verification.
    • Complete verification: This verification process takes more than the expected time to complete but it checks and verifies all the backup files separately. We highly advised picking this option to unlock the benefits.
    • No verification: This enables you to move further without any verification.
  • In the Create a Backup window, click on Next
  • For scheduling your future backups, click on save the backups

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The Bottom Line

Hope you found our article useful in fixing error PS107 in QuickBooks. But, If you found our details insufficient, or stuck at any complex point while manually fixing the error queries, don’t panic, just release a call on our toll-free number and get complete support from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our experts deal with your queries and provide assistance as soon as possible.

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