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Resolve Error: Couldn’t Connect To The Email Server In QuickBooks (Unable To Connect Or Won’t Connect)

In many cases, you’ll face issues while inserting a username and password to login to your webmail on QuickBooks Desktop. It is very common to face errors during connecting with webmail with accurate credentials. To identify the error, check your error pop-ups that will be seen in multiple forms. But remember all these kinds of error prompts mostly on a Yahoo email address. 

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  • Couldn’t connect to the Email Server
  • We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider

In the separate form, you will see the error prompt specifying QuickBooks was unable to send your form due to the following reason:

  • QuickBooks was able to connect to the remote server but it couldn’t able to understand the server’s response.

Please wait for some time and try the complete process, again and again, to see if the problem has been encountered on the server. If the problem still exists, then go through the solutions in the same order placed below. Might the first solution can resolve your issue or you have to try it all. If you are willing to get additional help then don’t waste your precious time, just contact IT professionals or technical expertise to guide you with your concern.

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Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Could Not Connect To The Email Server 

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

Updating to the most recent version will help in adopting new features and fixes in your current QuickBooks software. Whenever you update your old software, you will get new features after completing the updating process.

Follow the steps to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release appropriately:

  • Reach out to the Update to the Latest Release Page
  • Ensure that you choose your QuickBooks product. If not then go to the Change Link option and be ready to choose your QuickBooks Product.
  • Choose the Update option to download the update file for updating the existing file
  • Next, Choose Setup Automatic Updates to get higher information about how to set QuickBooks to automatically download and install all the future latest updates. 

Note: If you turn on Automatic Updates then you will get notifications related to all the latest releases. Once your software is expired and a new release comes, you will notify. Another option which you have, Automatic download while connected to Wi-fi. If you turn on this, all the latest releases are automatically downloaded but it is still waiting for confirmation for installation. Whenever you hit “yes”, it starts the installation.

Solution 2: Check Settings in WebMail Preferences

  • Launch QuickBooks and then visit the QuickBooks Edit Menu. Once you visited choose Preferences
  • Select Send Forms from the left pane
  • Choose the Mail account you are using, under My preferences. After that, choose Edit
  • Visit the SMTP Server Details Section from the Edit email Info Screen and set the Server name and then port to your email provider Settings. Also, check out the proper set up of your email service in QuickBooks Desktop for a list of SMTP servers and ports.

Solution 3: Make Internet Explorer Settings as Default

  • Open Internet Explorer(IE) and then go to the Tools menu and click on it, you can either use shortcut keys (Alt + T) or the gear icon
  • Tap on Internet Options
  • Next, visit the Advanced Tab and then ready to pick the Restore Advanced Settings
  • Hit the OK button to quit the opened browser window

If you find that your Antivirus blocks your outgoing emails then you must contact either IT professionals or contact your Antivirus Provider for further help to fix the issues “QuickBooks to connect when setting up your webmail”.

If no changes are made while implementing all the above-mentioned solutions then we advised you have to perform the suggested solution that recommends the error message.

Error Warning 1: Error message “Not connected with internet” or “connection to the firewall is blocked or might be discontinued”

To get it resolved just try to start off the Internet Explorer and then move to start accessing the website.

Error Warning 2: Error message “Email Server settings are inaccurate/inappropriate.”

To fix this error message, check whether you have to hold the same settings that we discussed above in solution 2.

Error Warning 3: Error Message “Incorrect Email address or password”

If this error prompts, check and validate your UserID and password. If you already noted down your username and password just match your credentials to successfully log in to your email account.

Note: If you’re repeatedly getting the same error message and even if you don’t use a web email, this means the problem persists in your system and now you’re required to create a New Windows Admin user for resolving the issue.

The chances of repeating errors will be extended if it might happen due to some lesser-known cause and at that might there are high chances of failure of solutions.

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In Bottom Line

We hope all the above-listed solutions are the best solutions that help you to fix QuickBooks couldn’t connect to the Email Server error. But in case, you are still unable to fix the issue, don’t panic, be ready to get help from one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisor by dialing our helpline number. We are always trying to put the best efforts in order to encounter your complex issues and are also very happy to serve our services to you. 

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