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Fix QuickBooks POS Error Code 176109: Invalid Product/Number: Unable To Login As Windows Administrator

QuickBooks Error Code 176109 prompts due to invalid product code or invalid product number. Error code 176109 occurs when struggling to open and register QuickBooks Desktop POS. This error message specifies that key authentication files are missing or damaged while working with QuickBooks POS. QuickBooks needs to have permissions or authorization to perform both read and write operations without interruption. If QuickBooks is unable to get administrative level permissions by admin, then you will face QB error code 176109. 

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Let’s start discussing what do you see this error and how to fix this error briefly. Take a closer look at it:

Why Do you See QuickBooks Error Code 176109?

The reasons due to which QuickBooks POS error code 176109 prompts on your screen are as follows:

  • When QuickBooks Point of Sale Entitlement folder having compromised files
  • If you have been using an incorrect product code or invalid product number while downloading QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
  • When you don’t have permissions granted to log in as an administrator

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Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 176109 Invalid Product Number

Below we have listed some solutions that make it easier to resolve QuickBooks invalid product number error code 176109 issue. Follow the manual steps to fix your QuickBooks issues itself and build your trust by reading our articles on Auditxpert.

Solution 1: Delete the contents of the Entitlement Client folder

Intuit offers both manual and automatic solutions to help their users, but it is up to you to pick any of them. In Solution 1 you have two choices either do it manually or automatically. 

Do it Automatically

  • To delete the contents of the Entitlement client folder you have to download the Clear Entitlement File Tool
  • Now unzip the downloaded file to your desktop
  • Click twice on the file to run it
  • Relaunch your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and end the registration process

Important! You are able to delete the Clear entitlement v8.bat file as well as the files.

Do it manually

Note: Users will be asked to delete the contents of the Entitlement client folder found under the Program data folder. Most of the time your program data folder is supposed to be hidden, to unhide the folder you must be aware of how to display hidden files and folders in Windows.

  • Press and hold the Windows key ⊞ + E from your keyboard to open Windows Explorer
  • Now browse to the specified location i.e. C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.
  • Press two keys together(Ctrl + A) on your keyboard to choose all the files in the folder, then hit the Delete button
  • For the confirmed action, click on the Yes option
  • Relaunch your QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and end the registration process

If the issue is still unresolved then contact Intuit experts or IT professionals to check the correct validation code is being adopted. 

Users receive a Product validation key from Intuit through emails or messages. If you think you have made a mistake in downloading the note from the email, then open the email again and check what validation key you have inside it.

Solution 2: Rename the WSActivity file

  • Press the Windows key ⊞ + E from your keyboard to open Windows Explorer
  • Browse to this location specifying C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
  • Right-click on the WSActivity and then you will see multiple options, choose Rename
  • Manually enter “OLDWSActivity” and click anywhere to save the file
  • Quit the opened window, then move to follow Solution 1: Delete the contents of the entitlement client folder. Follow it in their placed sequence one more time.
  • In the last, relaunch QuickBooks Desktop POS

Solution 3: Perform a Clean Install of QuickBooks POS

In case all the above 2 solutions are nothing helpful to fix your issue then try to perform a clean install of QuickBooks Point of Sale to troubleshoot error code 176109 easily. But before you get started to do this, just create a backup of all your files so that you can restore them at any time. Below we have discussed some others you have to do before start implementing this solution, just check it now:

  • Have your QuickBooks Desktop POS downloaded file(or installation CD)
  • Product number and license number must be available
  • Must sign in as Windows Administrator
  • Systems on which you are working are available to be restarted

Steps to perform a clean Install Of QuickBooks POS To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 176109

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • Press Windows + R keys together from your keyboard to open the Run window
  • Manually type “Control Panel”, then click on the OK button
  • It’s time to click on the Programs and Features
    Point to be noted: If the Control Panel will appear inside the Category View, in that case, you have to choose to Uninstall a Program
  • Inside the list of programs, choose QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0, then click on the Uninstall/Change
  • Go through the onscreen prompts to end the process completely

Step 2: Rename all the Point of Sale Folders

If you are uninstalling from the server computer or the computer temporarily having POS files then copy the folders and paste them to the QuickBooks Desktop. To remove ambiguity, add “OLD” at the end of each folder name. It prevents your confusion from recognizing the new folders.

Use these folder locations:

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8

C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0

Step 3: Reinstall Point of Sale

Now you have to follow all the steps you have previously done to install the QuickBooks Point of Sale. If you need help with our expertise just call them right now through the toll-free number discussed above. 

Note: We suggested downloading and installing the latest updated version to do your work without interruption.

Step 4: Restore your Company File

Note: In case you are unable to create a backup then restore the qbpos.db file present in the data folder you have pasted on your desktop.

  • Open QuickBooks POS and then create a new company file with a desirable name, then restore your backup inside it
  • Once you have restored all your data, just check if the data you have put inside it is accurate or not. To verify, close it and then reopen it without any error issues, connect with POs machines as well as QuickBooks Desktop only if it is applicable.
  • Register to your QuickBooks POS one more time

Note: If you want to remove any data folder, don’t delete it just move it to the other folder either choose Public Document or Shared Document(it is up to you). 

Wrapping Up

Hope our listed solutions will resolve error code 176109 in QuickBooks Point of Sale. But the issue is unresolved after implementing all the steps in the same order place here then we are advised to contact us through our toll-free number. We have a list of solutions for the same query might these will not work due to your system compatibility issues or versions you have. Don’t delay, make a decision right now.

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