How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6129?

QuickBooks Error 6129 0 arrives when the database connection verification is failed or the QuickBooks tries to access the QuickBooks company files because of this error the QuickBooks user cannot access the company file. Users are unable to open the company data records. Interrupted with the internet connection network problem you cannot find the computer system that contains the company file.

Sometimes this error comes multiple times and the users cannot work properly due to this error. So we describe the solution of QuickBooks Error 6129. you can read and easily solve this error and then you can work properly with QuickBooks and more grow your business quickly. In this blog, we clearly explain its causes, advantages, and multiple solutions. Now let’s start with what is QuickBooks Error code 6129.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 6129

The QuickBooks Error 6129 0 displayed when the QuickBooks users try to make the original and new QuickBooks company file. If you open the available file already into the QuickBooks then QuickBooks error is generated. Next, go to the causes of QuickBooks Error code 6129 0.

Causes of These QB Errors:

Now we can explain the causes of QuickBooks Error code 6129 users can check and get your QuickBooks files are secured and saved.

  • The system is running in the multi-user mode you have not updated to the latest release version.
  • Due to mismatch between the client’s domain and Server.
  • Damaged the Network data file due to this QuickBooks Error.
  • You can upgrade the QuickBooks company file to the Latest version with the non-window admin profiles.
  • If you are using the third party’s antivirus then causing the QuickBooks Error code 6129.

 Information Of QB 6129 Error:

Now we explain some of the information on the QuickBooks error 6129 0 users can check and proper read.

  • Error name- QuickBooks Error 6129 0.
  • Number of Error- 6129 0
  • QuickBooks developer- Intuit.
  • Software name- QuickBooks Pro.
  • Error explanation- this error is arrived when you open the QuickBooks files and in which database connection is a loss.
  • Put to- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0

Now, the QuickBooks users let checkout the multiple solutions steps that are following as:

Solution 1: Create Different Folder and Navigate the QuickBooks Company Files:

When the QuickBooks error arrived, then firstly you can create another folder and also navigate the QuickBooks company file. Some steps are:

  • Firstly you can create a different file folder.
  • Next, you have to choose the QuickBooks company files into the new folder.
  • Now it will be easy to open the QuickBooks company file with the using of the new folder and also you have used on one system.
  • If you are using the same file on many computers then you perform the next step.
  • Now click on the Start button.
  • Choose the Program option.
  • Now, click on the QuickBooks and select the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Select the Scan Folder.
  • If cannot find any folder that contains the company file then you click on the add folder option and add this file.
  • Now click to scan.
  • When the scan process is finished then close the window.
  •  Next, open the QuickBooks company files and check it will be worked properly or not.

Using these steps you can easily resolve your problem and also proper used the QuickBooks company file.

Solution 2: You can use the Safe Mode on MS Window then Turn Off Antivirus

If you cannot resolve your problem with our solution number 1 then you can try the next solution that is given below:

  • Without changing the Secure mode you can restart your system.
  • Turn Off the running antivirus software on your system.
  • Next makes the new different QuickBooks Company file.
  • Safe and secure your systems in normal working.
  • Now restart your Computer system.
  • After starting the system opens the QuickBooks software.
  • Then try to start the Company file in QuickBooks.

In these second solutions, we explain the safe mode on your systems to secure your QuickBooks application and systems. You will also try our solution number 3.

Solution 3:  Rename your QuickBooks Network Descriptor (.ND) File:

The third solution is the following are:

  • Firstly you have to check your hard drive on the system that the QuickBooks file folder for files named is .ND.
  • Now get renamed the file, you right-click on the.ND File and write the old name of the company file and select to rename this.
  • Type the.OLD at the end of the file name and press the enter button.
  • If you access the same company file on another multiple computer then follow the below steps: you open the company file when you used the QuickBooks on one computer.
  • Press the Window Start button.
  • Select the program and then select the QuickBooks.
  • Next to click on the QuickBooks database server manager and select the scan folder option.
  • Add a folder, if there is no folder then contains the company file.
  • next, start to scan and when the scan is completed click to close the window.
  • Now, open the QuickBooks company file and check it will be worked or not?

Now, we  explain Solution number 4:

Solution 4: Creates different envelope and Find the QuickBooks Organization Document

In this solution, you can make a different envelope and also find the QuickBooks organization document. Some steps are:

  • Firstly you create a different record analyzer.
  • From the new envelope, find the QuickBooks organization documents.
  • Click on the start catch of windows and select the programs.
  • Next Click to QuickBooks application
  • Choose the QuickBooks database Server Manager.
  • Next click on the Scan Folders.
  • Now add the folder and include also. If no organizer that contains the organization document.
  • Click on the scan and select the close button when the output will come.
  • Again you will Open QuickBooks company document.

In these steps, you can create the new envelope and also find the QuickBooks organization document.

Now comes to the next solution that is:

Solution 5: Due to Error While trying to update the Company File

In this solution number 5, we explain steps for  how to update the QuickBooks Company file that is following are:

  • In the first steps, you open the file and check if this error still persists on your QuickBooks company file then follow further these steps.
  • The QuickBooks users use the Administrator login to log in to Windows.
  • Next Refresh the QuickBooks File.


QuickBooks Error 6129 is occurring at that time when you are accessing your file. This error occurs when the connection of your QuickBooks break with their database because the verification process doesn’t process fully. You can solve this error by creating Different Folder and Navigate the QuickBooks Company Files

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