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QuickBooks Error 6000 83: Simple Solutions To Fix

Do you want to know what are the possible solutions to fix QuickBooks error 6000 83? Do you want to know the reasons for occurring this error code and also want to know its symptoms? If your answer is yes, then you have to just read the blog and you will get a solution to your every question.

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In this article, we are going to explain each and every detail about QuickBooks error 6000 83 like causes, symptoms, and solutions also.

Let’s take a closer look…

QuickBooks error code 6000 83 usually appears when a user tries to access a QB company file, but the company file cannot open because of some reason. There are several possible reasons behind this error. We suggest that to fix the error you should manually examine all possible causes and then try to resolve the steps of the solution.

What are the reasons behind the QuickBooks error 6000 83?

There is list of some possible cause that can lead to QB error 6000 83:-

  • This error occurs if the Windows user has not sufficient permissions.
  • If some QuickBooks files are missing.
  • If you are changing the QuickBooks company file from an earlier version on the network.
  • Due to permissions for the network server are not sufficient.
  • Permissions for the QBDataServiceUserXX are not sufficient.
  • If the QB files are being blocked by firewalls or any other security software.
  • .qbm or .qbw.adr may be the file extension.
  • The Windows version is neither the American version nor the Canadian version. Windows regional language settings are set to other than the English language.
  • Because of the shared folder or company file is corrupted or damaged.
  • If hosting mode is open in more than one system.

Symptoms of QuickBooks error 6000 83

There are several symptoms which will help you to recognize QuickBooks 6000 83 in the starting state, some of them are given below:-

  • Windows run very slowly and respond slowly to the mouse or keyboard and any input commands.
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 83 shows on the screen and crashes the all active program window.
  • Due to this error, your system freezes again and again.
  • The message “QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83” shows on the system screen.

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Solutions to fix QuickBooks error 6000 83

Several processes and several resolutions call for different solutions to the company file cause. Operations happen when the user is attempting to open a company file; When the user is attempting to restore the company file and when the user is trying to make a backup.

Case 1: When the User Tries to Open the Company File

Fix the QuickBooks 6000 83 Manually

  • First of all, you have to configure the Firewall or security software settings in according to QuickBooks software.
  • Then, check that the permissions to access the company file are received.
  • Now, simply scan the folder where your company file is saved so that you can make a network descriptor file.
  • After that, stop the Multi-user mode access for hosting the QB company file.
  • In the end, you have to try opening your company file from a location other than the real one. You can perform this task by copying the file to another location and opening it. If it succeeds, you can copy it back to its original location.

Use QuickBooks File Doctor

With the use of QuickBooks File Doctor Software, you can easily resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83. This process can be time-consuming and it depends on the size of your company file.

Turn off Hosting on all  system that attempts to Access the QB Company File over the Network

  • Firstly, turn off hosting in all the systems. It must be turned on in the PFC with the main server.
  • If this message still occurs “Host multiple user access” it means your computer is not hosting your QB company file.
  • Then, tap yes if the message occurs “Stop hosting multiple user access”.
  • Now, tap yes for “company file must be closed” and continue.
  • Lastly, follow the steps in another system.

User Attempts to Restore the Company File

Check that the File Name and the File Path are Not lead to QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83

QuickBooks considers the complete file name and path when the backup is being restored. Ensure that the file name and file path do not contain any special characters.

For Example:

  1. Acceptable Path:-C: \Users\Alex\My Documents\QuickBooks Data\Alex123.qbw
  2. Not acceptable Path:- C: \Users\Alex\Alex’s Documents\QuickBooks Data\Alex$.qb

In the above example, Alex’s and Alex’s $ should be renamed since they have special characters.

Change the Extension of the QB Company File

The company file extension must always be .qbw when restoring a backup file. If the file is named with another extension, the company file should only be replaced with the .qbw extension.

When the User tries to Create a Backup of the QB Company File

You have to follow the below-listed steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83:-

  • Firstly, you need to create a new file folder in drive C.
  • Now, simply make a manual backup and save successfully it in the new file folder in drive C.


QuickBooks Error 6000 83 occurs when QuickBooks try to access the company file but it doesn’t have sufficient access rights. You can solve this error by edit the extension of the file for more information read the above solutions.

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