How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 179 (Banking Error): 4 Quick Ways Guide

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QuickBooks Error 179 happens due to banking problems while working with QuickBooks Desktop. Error 179 in QuickBooks encountered when a user attempts to log in to the bank site through QuickBooks. During this error, if you are previously signed in then you are unable to download your bank information from the bank website due to authorization issues and resulted in website crashes. 

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Note: Website crashes possibilities happen when the Bank interprets two users are accessing the same account simultaneously. At the same moment, the Bank denied downloading any form of data then an error message prompts you.

Undoubtedly, when this error issue happens QuickBooks Desktop blocks receiving any form of data to the bank and entirely locks the website. Due to this error, organizations are bothered because they check their balances multiple times in a day. But by following technical aids your query instantly gets troubleshot.

Similar to other error issues, it interrupts working with QuickBooks, so you need to disappear these error issues as early as possible. We have figured out 4 ways to fix QuickBooks error 179, follow all the ways until you get your perfect solution.

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Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 179 or Bank Error 179

There may be a couple of reasons while occurring this error issue. Have a look at all the reasons listed down.

  • Complex errors inside the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Issues with QuickBooks company file(missing with the host system) and Bank Servers
  • The same account is login into more than one device
  • Transactions are missing or not available inside the database
  • Due to virus attacks or network connection establishment issue
  • Bills, invoices, or any sort of Discrepancies on reports posting in negative values
  • Due to unauthorized access or using wrong or expired credentials

Ways To Fix QuickBooks Error 179/ Bank Error 179

Suggestion: Intuit says “Before starting following all the solutions, you must interact with your Bank executives to know whether something went wrong with their bank servers that might cause QB error 179 or you are not being able to log in to your bank’s website”. In case, everything doesn’t looks good from your bankside then start following our solutions to fix QuickBooks 179. 

To do manually, before starting the following solutions, first sign out your account in the QuickBooks Online Banking website from all added devices or computers. If now you are successfully logged in then your issue gets resolved. If the error remains the same then start following Solution 1.

Solution 1: Logout From the Bank Website

If the issue still persists check out “Is anyone else using your account” If your account is logged in to another account perform the listed steps so that you disappear this error issue.

  • If someone else is logging into your bank’s website then you have to contact him and ask him to logout from the bank’s website.
  • When he/she successfully logged out then try to log in once again to your bank’s website if the issue still persists then moves to the next solution.

Solution 2: Clear the Browsing History

If the problem is not yet gone then delete your browsing history including cache and then once again. You have to follow different steps to clear the browsing history.

Many browsers have supported clearing the browsing history by reaching the Settings>> Advanced Settings>> Clear Browsing History.

 If you are working with Google Chrome as your default browser then to do this you need to go through the following steps straight down below:

  • Click twice on Google chrome to open your chrome browser
  • After that, click on the “three dots” from the upper right side corner then choose “More tools”.
  • Click on the “Clear browsing data”, otherwise, you can press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) from your keyboard.
  • Click on the mostly down arrow, present at the above, just beside “Erase the following items from”
  • Now select the time period for example Past hour, Past day, Past week, etc.
  • When you successfully delete everything, then select the beginning of time.
  • Then you have to tell the computer which type of information you are willing to erase.
  • After that, hit the left button of the mouse to “Clear browsing history”.

Note: Once you have successfully erased the browsing history, just check out whether you are login to your bank website again to use QuickBooks or not. If you did this, meanwhile your issue gets resolved, if not proceed with solution 3.

Solution 3: Update the Financial Institution in QuickBooks

Ensure that the bank you are attempting to log in to is updated on QuickBooks. If not, then this may be a reason for causing this error issue. Follow the below steps in their listed sequence to update the Financial institution.

  • Click twice on the QuickBooks software to open it and then choose the “Tools” >> “Online Center”.
  • Now you have to choose your bank that you are having an issue with and you are willing to update from the drop-down list of the “Financial Institution” 
  • Press the “Ctrl + F3” key simultaneously from your keyboard, then click on the “Contact Info” present at the top of “Online Center”
  • Now choose your desired “Financial Institution” which you would like to update then click the “Refresh” button.
  • If the Financial Institution will appear under the section that says “Need Updating” just click on the “OK” and then click on Update/Send

Note: Now you’ll be able to access your branding and profile information under the current status.

  • If prompted or QuickBooks asks for a password then enter it and click on “Update Now”.
  • After that, your latest profile information and branding information will be displayed here. Once the update has been completed, try to login again and if it shows the same error issue then try to fix it with our next solution 

Solution 4: Repair Windows Registry

You can proceed with this solution only if you are an advanced Windows user having technical expertise in MS. All the steps discussed here specify repairing windows registry files, we suggest you skip this solution and contact QuickBooks Experts directly if you are uncomfortable to work with QuickBooks Windows registry files. Here we have discussed a basic idea to fix it manually:

  • Firstly click on the “Start” on your Windows Desktop
  • Then write “Command” into the search box and then press enter from your keyboard
  • Press and hold the “Ctrl + Shift” key simultaneously then hit enter.
  • After that, a dialog box will appear where you write the “administrator password” then tap the “Yes” button.
  • Then a black color box will appear to you where you have to type “Regedit” then press the Enter button.
  • From the Registry Editor, seeking for keys having QB error 179 inside it.
  • Right-click on the key with the error and then choose “Export”.
  • Save the QuickBooks Pro Backup key in an identifiable folder, easy to find the location after quitting.

Note: Provide any desirable name with a .reg file extension to identify the backup file.

  • Now you have successfully taken the backup of your registry entry. It’s time to check whether the issue still persists or not.

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Ending Words

We have tried to figure out all the solutions that occur Error 179 in QuickBooks. But if there is something left, get it to know from us. If you confused about implementing the manual solutions accordingly just contact our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors through the helpline number. 

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