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Resolve QuickBooks Error 15212: Payroll Update Error (While Downloading QuickBooks Updates)

Sometimes due to corrupt updates or stopping the downloading process in the middle, some technical error takes place. This technical error is known as QuickBooks payroll update error 15212. QuickBooks error 15212 appears while updating the QuickBooks application to its most recent release version or during QuickBooks payroll updates.

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When you get into this error following error messages starts appearing on your PC screen:

  • “The payroll update didn’t complete successfully. Please try again later. You are required to successfully download the update by the deadline that appeared inside the Get Updates window.”
  • “The QuickBooks update didn’t complete successfully.”
  • “The payroll update didn’t complete successfully. The location used for shared download isn’t accessible.” 

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Code 15212

The reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 15212 are:

  • When using a shared download drive that is not properly mapped.
  • Downloading the updates with insufficient access permissions.
  • Corrupted QuickBooks payroll updates.
  • When the shared download is disabled and the data file is opened from a separate non-mapped address.
  • Memory space in your hard disk is unavailable for updating QuickBooks payroll.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15212

Before going to start troubleshooting you must have to take care of some points that are given below: 

  • Be sure you have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Make sure you have installed only one QuickBooks version on your PC. 

Note: If you found more than one QuickBooks version installed on your PC, then remove all the versions instead of leaving the most recent release of QB.

  • Ensure that firewall or other security software doesn’t have any additional restrictions otherwise they restrict QuickBooks from downloading payroll updates

Lacking any of these points will cause issues in implementing the solutions. So we advised following our solutions only if you are satisfied with the above terms.

Solution 1: Manually download the Latest Updates of QuickBooks

Make sure you’re with the most recent updated version of QuickBooks, if not yet then manually download the latest updates of QuickBooks. 

  • From the menu bar, open the Help tab, then click on the Update QuickBooks option
  • Choose Options from the list of menus
  • When it asks for shared download just hit the No button
  • Hit Save and then Close option to quit the opened window
  • Retry to download the QuickBooks updates
  • If the issues are still not gone then move to follow the next solutions

Solution 2: Downloading Updates using Windows Safe Mode

  • In multiple cases, we have seen error 15212 in QuickBooks arrives due to third party applications blocking the path of completing the QuickBooks updates installation process. 
  • When you try to download QuickBooks updates in Windows Safe mode, you’ll get relaxation from third-party software applications to block anything or to hinder your work.
  • Windows safe mode facilitates you by stopping the interference of third party software applications so that you can easily download QuickBooks updates.

Solution 3: Uninstallation of QuickBooks and then Reinstall

  • It is rare that you’re unable to fix your issue with the above-listed methods, but in case it happens then perform a clean installation of QuickBooks software by uninstalling the previous version. 
  • Do this installation in selective startup mode so that you can smoothly run the new updates of QuickBooks. 
  • But after the end of this process you’re still facing QuickBooks payroll update error 15212, simply switch your existing mode to normal startup mode and close all the background tabs if opened then restart your PC to settle the new updates.

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The Bottom Line

Hope you’re now able to successfully install the QuickBooks updates without any problems issued by third-party applications. But in case you are continuously getting the same error messages after following all the above-listed solutions then contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor by dropping a call on our helpline number. As long as we are here to help you, don’t get worried about your QuickBooks problems. 

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