How To Resolve QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 140305: Financial Exchange Problem (Best Solutions)

QuickBooks Point Of Sale error 140305 prompts when you have crossed the boundary of adding the allowed number of users to your QuickBooks Desktop. This error belongs to customers that you have recently added in QuickBooks. This error also arrives when running a financial exchange in QuickBooks Desktop POS. QuickBooks error code 140305 comes with an error message that says “You have reached the maximum allowed number of customers in QuickBooks”.

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In this article, we will thoroughly discuss why 140305 error occurs and how to fix this error with manual steps. Let us getting started:

Causes of QuickBooks Error 140305

From here, you will know all the causes of QuickBooks error 140305. These are:

  • The utmost number of allowed users in QuickBooks customer list entries has been reached
  • A corrupted/damaged Windows customer list or company file in QuickBooks Desktop
  • A corrupted running of financial exchange in QuickBooks 

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Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale 140305

Intuit offers three solutions to fix error 140305 in QuickBooks POS. Follow the solutions sequentially to get rid of errors. 

Solution 1: Eliminate customers without transactions in QuickBooks Desktop POS

Check whether your list is maximized or not. If your list is not maximized just eliminate some customers without removing their transactions in QuickBooks Desktop POS.

  • Reach out to the Customers menu where click on the Customers List
  • Simply run a report to check which customer doesn’t contain account balances:
    • From the Customer List window, click on I want to ▼ by scrolling up and down from the drop-down menu
    • Click on Run a report then General – Customer List
    • Move your cursor at the top to visit Menu, click on Modify, then seek for Add or Remove columns, once find choose it 
    • Find the Account Balance checkbox previously left as blank, just ticked the Account Balance checkbox then click on the Save option
    • To save and store a copy of the list just tap on the Print option
    • Once everything is done successfully, click on the Close option
  • Hold the Ctrl key unless you found the customers you’re willing to eliminate on the basis of their reports
  • Reach out to the Help menu and click on delete, then enter “YES” to give confirmation of this change
  • Click on the OK option and then attempt to run a financial exchange once again

Solution 2: Eliminate customers without transactions in QuickBooks for Windows

In this solution, you need to delete customers which don’t have any transactions if you have crossed the limit of allowed customers for Windows. Performing this operation helps you in freeing up some space to add new customers.

Steps to delete customers are:

  • Press and hold Ctrl + 1 or F2 from your keyboard to open the Product Information window
  • Inside the Product Information window, visit the List information window
  • Give a confirmation to your Customer count is over the 14,500 limit
  • Reach out to the Customers menu where seek for Customer Center and click on it
  • Right-click on the customer you’re willing to delete, then click on Delete Customer: Job. Be sure you have already moved the subitems of the customer. You’re not eligible to delete any customer with their subitems. 
  • Follow step 4 or step 5 for other customers and then attempt to run a financial exchange once again

Note: If you’re still unable to run an exchange, this means the problem is that your customer list might be damaged or corrupted. To get it fixed, just refer to the next solution. 

What to do if you don’t want to delete customers

In case you don’t want to delete customers but want to have additional entries just upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. This version facilitates users to add a maximum of 1 million names as well as 1 million items without performing any deletion of existing customers. For collecting more details about QuickBooks Enterprise, go and refer to the Intuit Learn and Support page. 

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Solution 3: Rearrange the Customer List

  • Reach out to the Customers menu where click on Customer Center
  • From the View menu, click on Re-sort List
  • Click on the OK option and then attempt to run a financial exchange once again

Note: If the error 14305 in QuickBooks still sustains, this means that your company file is damaged or corrupted. To fix this issue, just hire IT professionals or knowledgeable technicians as early as possible.

The Bottom Line

Hope you are troubleshooting well with our above-listed solutions. But if the query is still not resolved and you’re repeatedly facing the same error, just dial our toll-free number to get 24/7 assistance to Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to get alternate solutions for the same query. Our experts will always stand behind you whenever you need expert assistance.

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