QuickBooks error 1304
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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1304: Troubleshooting Steps

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As we all know that QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software. This is a complete package of advanced accounting features. With the help of QuickBooks users can easily perform most of the accounting tasks such as creating and send invoices, print checks, inventory management, and many more tasks.

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But like other software, QuickBooks can also create some technical error, QuickBooks error 1304 is one of them and if you are facing the same error code and you want to fix this error code, you have to just read this article completely.

Let’s move ahead…

QuickBooks error 1304 appears when the user attempting to install QuickBooks or performing any up-gradation of the software. The error message shows up on the screen with the damaged file name.

Causes of QuickBooks error 304

There are some main reasons behind this error is listed below:-

  • This error occurs if the CD is corrupted or damaged so that the CD not able to play accurately
  • The most prominent reason can be if there is any issue available with the CD drive itself
  • The last can be if the Microsoft.net operating system is itself corrupted or damaged.

Symptoms of QuickBooks error 1304

  • Due to this error code, QuickBooks stops working properly, as the outcome, the business works stops
  • Because of this error, your system becomes slow and unproductive
  • The console doesn’t receive any input data
  • Windows shuts down automatically

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Techniques To Fix QuickBooks error 1304 and recover the business data

1. Copy the entire installation software and all the files and folders to the system’s hard drive so that no data will be lost.

  • First of all, you need to set the CD into the CD drive. Stop the installation process If it starts on its own or auto-installation
  • Then, explore the windows from the start key
  • Now, before copying the contents you have to create another folder in the right location. This might be in the workplace. The folder name must be QuickBooks. This is to remove any type of distortion that may prevail if using another name.
  • After that, explore the CD
  • In this step, search the setup.exe document of QuickBooks software
  • Now, choose both of the file and folder also
  • Simply Copy the chosen files and folders
  • After this, you need to navigate back to the new folder that you make with the name of QuickBooks
  • in the end, you have to paste the copied files to this new folder

2.Install the QuickBooks Software which you have copied in the new folder to the hard disk

  • Firstly, you need to open the new folder which has the QuickBooks software
  • Then, set up the beginning method for the installation process
  • Lastly, you have to follow the instructions which will show on the screen


QuickBooks error 1304 occurs at the time of updating QuickBooks software or repairing the QuickBooks installation file. To solve this error, you need to replace the Data1. cab file from your hard drive which is located on the installation CD.

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