What is a General Ledger Entry in QuickBooks?

General Entry is an accounting transaction in which enters directly into the general ledger. it is used by a company for records the transactions. the transactions are recorded as a balance sheet and income statement. we clearly define what is a general ledger entry and how to read and make the ledger entry in QuickBooks, so you can read all the steps and instructions and solve the problem with the journal entries.QuickBooks general entries keep a record of all your documents and financial transaction in the business because it contains the records of your past and present financial transactions.

In this blog, we get the knowledge of how to general ledger works and operate primarily for all small businesses.we can handle any general ledger transaction like prepare the financial transaction, total expenses and also calculating the incomes and so on works can manage and data stored by the general ledger entry. QuickBooks sync it all immediately in your phones, laptop, desktop because of this you can run your business anywhere.

General Ledger Accounting with QuickBooks

QuickBooks general ledger entry is a specific report of all the transactions posted to each account and used for every transaction. If there are credit and debit accounts so it listed them up. You may pull up the trial balance and also see the summary of balance credit and debit transactions.

This software supervises the financial data of your company and all other tasks that will be required to be completed by a full-time accountant. Our QuickBooks software autoruns the calculation and organized information by an accountant and alerts to the customers when you enter the incorrect information of debits and credits.

Basic Needs of QuickBooks General Ledger

Now, explain the basic things that you have needs for making the General Ledger Entry, it always helps to manage the business fastly and it creates the reports and expense with QuickBooks software and also keeps maintain all records into the cloud storage or memory.

These are the three main general ledgers is following as:

Account Receivable:

It maintains the daily records of the company sales and receipts, Invoices that have the clients cannot get paid.

Account Payable:

The daily records of company purchases and invoices the company stills have to pay

QuickBooks Payroll:

It maintains the records of each employee compensation and also checks to return to pay the employees and also related to payroll taxes.

Here are the basic things to needs the QuickBooks general entries read all the things which you have to needs the customers and using this software the users get to solve the problems easily and it also keeps the information.

Reports of General ledger QuickBooks

The general ledger QuickBooks reports provide a summary of the entire transaction for the current month. The starting summaries of reports show the totals for every account and also you can view them any transaction reports and any exceptions.  This QuickBooks online general ledger checks every transaction that occurred in a certain period.

Working of Qbo general ledger

Now we can explain the working of QuickBooks general entries some points are following as:

  • Firstly you need to make the entries to your accounting system for every day to checks deposits, Invoices, etc. and also write a check for paying the rent then the transaction will be hit two accounts. Firstly in general, credit your business bank account and simultaneously debit in your rent expense account.
  • It utilized the double-entry accounting method, this is the recommended method for all businesses except if you are a freelancer the single accounting method is best for you and every account needs a general single accounting system.
  • It cannot hit all every transaction in QuickBooks online and that can be considered as non-posting and do not touch the general ledger QuickBooks.

In case there is no activity done in any someone and one of the accounts mentioned above in the blog, then you might not see the account reflected while you doing the Ledger accounting.

Steps of Prepare the QuickBooks Ledger:

Now we describe how to makes the general entries in QuickBooks so, all the steps are clearly defined you can read all the instructions and steps given below, In this blog and get understand how to make general QuickBooks ledger. Some steps are following as:

  • Firstly you make the journal entries from the QuickBooks company menu.
  • If you make the journal entries and change the data field.
  • Now enter any number of journal entries filled in the entry number field.
  • After you filled the general entry detailed:
  • Select the first account in your transaction, if you use the account receivable or account payable so that the first account in general QuickBooks ledger entries should be in account receivable and account payable.
  • Now, you can enter the debit or credit amount for the account you have to select in credit and debit columns.
  • Then type a memo that describes the transaction and that will be displayed on the reports including the journal entry.
  •  Select the customers, suppliers, employees or other names associated with the transaction.
  • When you select the expense account along with the customers, you will have to take the amount billable to the customers.
  • Then you assign the class for the amounts.
  •  Now repeat the steps through to enter the distribution lines until the transaction reaches a zero balance and you understand that the credit column is equal to the debit column.
  • Now click on the save and close button for saved the QuickBooks online general ledger entries and then open a new window.

How to read the QuickBooks Ledger

In our blog, we also explain how to read the General entry in QuickBooks, when do the bookkeeping or get the outsourced from someone, so it is important to be familiar with the QuickBooks general ledger. Every financial transaction can be affected by your business, In the form of the posted transaction, a general ledger becomes gathering to reads your general ledger.

  • Asset
  • Liability
  • Stockholder Equity
  • Operating expenses
  • Operating revenue
  • Gains investments
  • Non-operating expense and losses


In the final stage, we explain to you that the general ledger entry in QuickBooks is important for growth and manage your business because it contains and keeps your all financial records and creates the report and tax bills and transaction payments and so on information related to the accountant it will be saved and secured into the cloud storage.

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