How To Fix QuickBooks Printing Problems: Easy Solutions
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Fix: QuickBooks Printing Problems, Unable To Print, Or QuickBooks Won’t Print Issue

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software and has a good reputation in small and medium-sized businesses, other we can say an event changer application in the accounting field. Every year Intuit comes with new updates and upgraded software to provide advanced features such as inventory management and payments allows you to save your energies. For now, QuickBooks Online can remotely access from anywhere by giving the print commands from the application itself. Sometimes these facilities start occurring problems i.e. QuickBooks printing problems. 

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All the QuickBooks users seeking a quick solution for their queries belonging to QB printing problems, or QB won’t print error issues, can get answers by reading this article. From here, you will know how to determine when a QuickBooks printing problem affects your Windows performance. Lets’s start by discussing its causes:

Causes of QuickBooks Unable To Print Problems

For multiple purposes, you use the QuickBooks printing feature. But sometimes this function stops working due to some reasons that are described here. All the updated causes listed are tested and verified by Intuit certified professionals so there is a minor chance anything missed to be listed. Take a look at it:

  • QuickBooks is unable to properly connect with the printer, it might be due to the printer is turned off
  • The system automatically switches to freeze mode while saving the PDF for sync problems
  • The printer paper tray has nothing to print
  • Your printer is offline or your printer is not activated
  • Missing XPS printer driver 
  • Missing or damaged QB PDF component
  • QuickBooks reinstallation is not appropriate and sometimes you are not logged in as an administrator

Types of QuickBooks Printing Problems

If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user, there might be other printing issues knocking on your door due to a variety of reasons. From here, you will know some basic types of QuickBooks printing problems. Take a look at it:

  •  QuickBooks Enterprise Unable to Print

If you are facing the printing error issue in your QuickBooks Enterprise then we are suggested to immediately contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support team to get solutions to fix this issue. 

We have previously discussed the steps to trigger this issue just follow the steps to solve the problem but still, you are unable then contact us.

You can solve this issue by referring to our article. We have some steps and solutions to fix the issue are listed inside it.

  • Unable to print Invoices and checks in QuickBooks

We have already discussed the best solutions to fix invoicing issues, if you are seeking help then check out the below steps or might contact us.

  • QuickBooks Printing Problems in MAC

If QuickBooks is not able to print by MAC, at that moment contact the technical experts of Mac doesn’t have a controversy with your error issue. You will get different methods of troubleshooting at our place.

  • QuickBooks 1099 Form Printing Issues

Frequently occurred issues that can be triggered by reading the steps match the query.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Printing Problems

In order to fix QuickBooks printing problems or QuickBooks won’t print issues, just go through the below-mentioned steps in the same order they are placed.

Before you get started with your QuickBooks printing Troubleshooting steps, restart your system and the printer having difficulties in printing with QuickBooks. Once the system is back up, turn on your printer, and then move further to follow the steps.

Steps to Resolve Printing Problems with QuickBooks (Won’t Print, Unable To Print Issue)

Before starting to follow the steps to trigger your QuickBooks printing problems, you have to make sure you fulfill the criteria, if not right now then try to fill it. After fulfilling the criteria, check whether the issue presents or is gone. If gone, start QuickBooks to do your work.

Keep updating your QuickBooks software to its latest release 

A Stable Internet connection between computer and printer

Edit the name of the Qbprint.qbp file and try to print once again

If unable to print, try printing the other file with a similar extension to verify whether the problem is only with this file or with the software

Using the latest version of the printer driver

Once you are confirmed and satisfied with the criteria in your system. Follow the simple steps to fix QuickBooks printing problems and QuickBooks PDF problems on your own.

Step 1: Check the Printer Outside QuickBooks

  • Click to open Microsoft Word or Notepad
  • Type or paste some text in and Open-File Menu bar by clicking on it
  • Now, print on the default printer or choose another one from the drop-down menu. If it prints the text without any difficulty, this means that there are no issues with the printer driver.

Step 2: Fixing the Printer Issues

  • Shut down the system and your printer
  • Now ensure that you have properly placed the paper in the tray and there is no paper jammed inside it
  • Also, check that the interface cables are firmly joined (Unplug and plug them again from the system and the printer side
  • Turn on the system and the printer back on
  • Now open Windows Control Panel and click on Printer
  • Make sure that your printer is online by right-clicking and click on Use Printer Online
  • Cancel or Discard the current print queue by double-tapping the respective printer
  • Now, print a Windows Test Page, the printer and system are ok if you receive the test print right

What to Do if the Test Page doesn’t Print  

  • Connect the system to another computer
  • Now download and install the updated printer driver from the official website of the printer manufacturer
  • Later try to connect your printer to another computer and monitor it to verify if it’s fine
  • If facing errors in the printer’s Control Panel or the printer doesn’t print, then you contact your printer manufacturer customer care service

If your Printer works fine outside QuickBooks, perform Step-3 for troubleshooting QB printing problems.

Step 3: Using QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool

By using QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool, you can solve this error. Try printing again, after you execute the Print and PDF Repair Tool. On the other hand, you can try manual settings with the steps given below:-

  • Browse to QBPrint.qbp file on the system on which you’re facing troubling printing with QuickBooks
  • Files need to be renamed manually by prefixing any word that you would like
  • If you are working with 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, the actual location of your file is: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX
  • Moreover, if you are unable to locate the file, then make sure to unhide the hidden folders and files then right-click on the QBprint.qbp to simply Rename it
  • Open QuickBooks and their company file, a new qbprint.qbp is just created automatically
  • Open a transaction had issues with generating PDFs in QuickBooks or trouble printing with QuickBooks to check it works in the best possible way
  • If the problem is with your QuickBooks Company file, use QuickBooks Sample Company File to check and verify it

2 Frequently Asked Queries

Query 1: How to check and know printer details of Printer setup in QuickBooks Desktop?

At first, make sure that the default printer setup is chosen or not

  • From the Menu bar, go to File >> Printer Setup
  • For each particular Form name, you need to verify and pick the relevant printer 

Query 2: How to check your another driver installed on the computer

  • Try one of the different drivers to print.
  • If none will help you and you want to know how to use drivers either contact the printer manufacturer team or contact us through the helpline number provided to you.

To conclude printing problems in QuickBooks can occur when you’re trying to print from the QuickBooks. There may be many causes behind this error but most of the time users forget to install the XPS Printer Driver. You can solve this error by installing the XPS printer driver otherwise, take help from QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool.

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Final Verdict

We have tried to put the relevant details inside this article and hope your printing problems in Quickbooks are successfully get resolved. If not, you still have some other queries on the same topic, then we are advised to contact our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors team through the helpline number. 

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