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Fix QuickBooks Error In Merchant Deposits: Payments Trying To Download Can’t Be Matched/Recorded

QuickBooks Error in Merchant deposits specifying that a payment you are trying to download can not be matched or recorded. Please record your payments manually. This error prompts you when using the merchant service deposits functionality in QuickBooks 2018 or other recent versions introduced by Intuit’s QuickBooks. Intuit recommends always working with the latest release version of QuickBooks to overcome these kinds of error issues. Below we have listed what causes this error and how to fix it, have a look at it:

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What Causes QuickBooks Error in Merchant Deposits

The reasons that can cause an error in merchant deposits are straight down below:

  • When your invoice is already not entirely or fully paid inside QuickBooks
  • An Invoice you picked to modify is on or before the closing date
  • Due to damaged payment method used in QuickBooks
  • While using damaged payment “check” in QuickBooks
  • Due to Account Receivable issues

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error in Merchant Deposits

We have a list of solutions on the basis of your causes, so we advise you to try all the solutions one-by-one until your problem is not resolved. Let’s check out the solutions listed down:

1. The Invoice is Already Not Entirely or Fully Paid in QuickBooks

  • Seek invoices for the payments that prompt the error
  • Counter the invoice, void or unapply any payments so the full balance is pending
  • Quit and Relaunch Merchant Service Deposits
  • Payment is not recorded

Note: To troubleshoot the issue, Intuit suggested that don’t you manually apply payments to the emailed invoices if the payment is done only by the customer”. After some time, the payment gets ready to record or store inside the Merchant service deposits. 

2. The Invoice you’re attempting to Modify is on or Before the Closing Date

  • Quit Merchant Service Deposits
  • Signed in to QuickBooks company data file with administrator-level permissions
  • Click on the Edit >> Preferences >> Accounting
  • From the Company Preferences tab, choose Set Data/Password, and modify the closing date as per your need
  • Hit the OK button one more time for saving the changes or modifications on the closing date and on the preferences
  • Move back and return to Merchant Service Deposits and get ready to record the payment once more

Note: Once you have finished all the steps successfully, Move back to Preferences, and then return the closing date to the accurate date. After that, Save your preferences. 

3. A Damaged Payment Method used in QuickBooks

  • Choose Lists >> Customer and Vendor Profile Lists >> Payment Method List
  • Check whether your default payment methods, as well as Payment types, are correct or not. Know more about it from the table shown below:
Payment MethodPayment Type
American ExpressAmerican Express
Debit CardDebit Card
Gift CardGift Card
  • If you found anything payment method or type is inaccurate just correct it as per the table shown.
  • Now your payment should be recorded

4. A Damaged “Check” Payment in QuickBooks

If only your credit card payment has been recorded rather than check payments, at that moment you have to change the “check” payment to a credit card type. See the below steps to do it:

  • Click on Lists >> Customer & Vendor Profile Lists >> Payment Method List
  • Click twice on Check
  • Make sure to choose your Payment Type according to one of your credit cards types such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX
  • Hit OK and now your payments have been recorded

5. Account Receivable Issues

Inside Account Receivable issues, QuickBooks File found a damaged account receivable account. Below we have discussed the steps to fix it. 

A damaged Accounts Receivable account in the QuickBooks file

To resolve this problem, we advised merging existing Account Receivables into the newer one. Follow the listed steps to do it now:

  • Reach to Lists then click on Charts of Accounts
  • Choose the account ▼ from the drop-down menu by scrolling to the bottom, Then pick New 
  • Choose Other Account Types >> Account Receivable
  • Click on the Continue 
  • Now you have to enter your Account Name “Accounts Receivable 2”, then Save & Close it
  • Right-click on your already presented Account Receivable account, then choose Edit Account
  • Make some modifications in the name to “Accounts Receivable 2” and Save & Close then pick Yes to merge the accounts
  • After you did it successfully, it’s time to rename “Accounts Receivable 2” back to its original name
  • Open and refresh the Merchant Service Deposits screen and attempt to record the payment one more time

Multiple Account Receivables in your Charts of Accounts

To troubleshoot the error entirely, you would like to merge your Account receivables account.

Saved Invoices are against the Accounts Receivable subaccount

  • Visit Lists then click on Chart of Accounts
  • Open and Refresh the Accounts Receivable account

In the above section, we have briefly discussed Account Receivables accounts with subaccount. Due to drawbacks of designing, payments are applied by following the Merchant Deposit screen might not be applied on the invoices that are against the Account Receivable subaccount.

  • Find and open the invoice you would like and struggling to apply the payment to and check whether the Accounts Receivable account is selected or not. If not yet, choose and check it.
  • Toggle the Accounts Receivable account to the relevant parent account, then click on the Save & Close option


You can trigger errors in Merchant Payments via a Payment Server update. It has the ability to dismiss the transactions through which your error issue will resolve instantly. If the error and doubts still continue, then contact us. 

The EndMost Note

We expect you found this article useful to your problems and now you’ll be able to download your payments without any error issue. Hope you are troubleshooting well with our solutions. But if the doubts still remain the same, we advise dropping a call on our helpline number to get assistance from our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors anytime soon.

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