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Resolve QuickBooks Crash Com Error To Sending Mail Invoices

QuickBooks crash com error comes inside the frequently occurring issues that take place when struggling to open, work, or send forms in your QuickBooks. You might get this error message on your screen specifying Crash: Com Error. This error affects the system and its crucial data and can appear when important updates are introduced by Microsoft. 

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QuickBooks com error crash causes problems in the software consisting of many financial data and records. This error affects the business operations of small to medium-sized organizations using accounting software. Crash com error in QuickBooks Desktop can be seen when attempting to send invoices, pay stubs, email, and transactions. Let us start discussing its causes, indications, and troubleshooting solutions:

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Crash Com Error

There are multiple reasons behind crash com error in QuickBooks. A few of them are defined straight down below:

  • Failure in Synchronization with Windows or other components
  • Due to virus or malware issues in QuickBooks
  • Improper installation of QuickBooks software
  • When QuickBooks related files deleted mistakenly or by another software application
  • Antivirus, firewall, or other security application might block the QuickBooks communication process
  • QuickBooks Software Fails to communicate with clients or email service
  • Damages occurred in your QuickBooks components

Indications of QuickBooks Com Error Crash

If you have some signs and symptoms with your computer and QuickBooks, this means your QuickBooks software is affected by Crash com Error. We have figure out some annoying indications, checking it now might helping you:

  • While saving some files in QuickBooks
  • When launching QuickBooks
  • While opening and emailing invoices
  • Attempt to send or attach files in QuickBooks
  • During the operation of processions the check register

Quick Solutions to Fix Crash Com Error in QB

Intuit suggested more than one solution to fix crash com errors in QuickBooks Desktop. May the first solution entirely resolve your issue, or you have to try all the solutions by following the same sequence. To get the best results, first, make sure you have updated QuickBooks to its latest release, sometimes errors will prompt due to using an unsupported version of the software.

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks

As we said above, Intuit recommends updating the software to the latest release version to overcome these kinds of error issues. Update your software right now to fix your crash com error in QuickBooks.

After you have updated your QuickBooks if you have not previously updated, check whether your issues are resolved or if still the same. If not, move onwards.

Solution 2: Update Microsoft Outlook

To update your Microsoft Outlook you have to follow the simple steps discussed below:

  • Reach to File inside the Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the Office Account then choose Update options
  • Click on Update Now to update Microsoft Outlook

Note: By following the steps your Microsoft Outlook is successfully updated. Once updated, check your issue, if still appear then move further.

Solution 3: Setting Up the Microsoft Outlook as your Default Mailing Application

  • Reach to Control Panel then click on Programs
  • Click on Default Programs
  • It’s time to click on Set your Default Programs then click on Mail
  • Choose Outlook

Note: Now you’ll be able to use your Microsoft Outlook as your Default Mailing Application.

Solution 4: Adding an Email Account to Microsoft Outlook

You can do this by following the steps but sometimes QuickBooks is unable to find the Microsoft Outlook so here we have separately discussed the steps to find email options:

  • Go to File inside the Microsoft Outlook
  • Choose Info and then click on Add Account to start the setup
  • Pick any email address you would like to add, then hit Next
  • Wait for some time for Microsoft Outlook to choose the server, then click on the Connect
  • Enter OK to end the setup process

In the off chance, if QuickBooks is unable to find Microsoft Outlook then follow the below steps to check the emailing options:

  • Click twice on QuickBooks to open it
  • Visit Edit >> Preferences
  • Click on Send Forms >> My Preferences

Note: If you are still unable to appear in Microsoft Outlook, you are required to start your computer one more time and start repairing QuickBooks. Alternatively, you also require to create a new Windows User Profile.

Solution 5: Toggle Mail Settings

  • Visit Control Panel then click on the User Account
  • Choose Mail and then click on Microsoft Outlook
  • Inside the Profile section, click on the Show Profile
  • Choose Outlook
  • If you have chosen Always use this profile, if not previously selected then first select it, then click on Prompt for a profile to be used then hit Apply. 
  • Click on Always use this profile
  • Click on Apply and then hit OK

Solution 6: Create a New Microsoft Outlook emailing profile

  • Quit Microsoft Outlook
  • Visit Control Panel then click on User Account
  • Choose Mail, inside the mail set up window, click on Show Profiles >> Add
  • Inside the Profile name field, enter Name then hit OK
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to add an emailing account, to do so, click on Apply >> Ok

Note: Your existing Outlook profile is still active, not deleted. If this solution is unable to resolve your issue then move to the next solution.

Solution 7: Run QuickBooks software in Compatibility Mode

  • Right-click on your QuickBooks from Desktop, then click on Properties
  • From the Compatibility tab, click on Run this program in compatibility mode for
  • By scrolling the dropdown menu, choose Windows 7
  • Click on the Run this program as an administrator checkbox only if not checked then Apply, then OK

Note: If the above solution is not capable of fixing the Crash Com error in QuickBooks then following the last solution might help you.

Solution 8: Add Windows Admin User

  • Create Windows Users along with Administrator level permissions
  • Log on to Windows with the new user
  • Open QuickBooks once again

Here is the end of the solution, hope you are successfully resolved your error query based on crash com error in QuickBooks Desktop.

Wrapping Up

In several cases, none of the solutions will work perfectly, at that moment you require consultancy of highly-qualified professionals certified from Intuit. To get help contact our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors through the toll-free number to get the latest updates of Intuit and error resolving techniques.

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