How Do I Cancel QuickBooks Direct Deposit cost in QuickBooks Payroll
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How Do I Cancel QuickBooks Direct Deposit cost in QuickBooks Payroll

In terms of Payroll QuickBooks provides many features you can easily set up direct deposit automatically send it on the specified date when you have an ongoing relationship with the clients so make a routine to get payments to them. In this blog, we discuss how do I Cancel QuickBooks Direct Deposit cost in QuickBooks Payroll.

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The best features of QuickBooks direct deposit in the term of QuickBooks Payroll, Direct Deposit saves your time in QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks allows using this process for both vendors and employees. Just keep reading in till the end and make sure you solve your problem without any restriction.

When the vendors are no longer available, or you may be switched to a new vendor you need to cancel the intuit payroll direct deposit in QuickBooks.

Check the status of QuickBooks Payroll

Here we solved your problem how to check the status into QuickBooks Payroll, these steps following are:

  • Go to the Tap menu bar and select the Employee option and then go to my payroll services, after that you have to choose the Accounting and Billing information.
  • Then, Login your QuickBooks Account.
  • Select the view profile activity option in the part of direct Deposit.
  • Now type your Direct Deposit Pin.
  • For the Payroll circulation looking checks all the needs to be stopped.

Needs to Cancel QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit

Now, here we can explain the needs and requirements of how to cancel the intuit payroll direct deposit the points is following are:

  • In the two banking days before paycheck dates, you have must submit the paycheck and it has stopped request before 5 p.m.
  • On our official website cannot cancel the QuickBooks direct deposit cost being posted to your Employee bank account, when once time your direct deposit is submitted then load the ACH processing.
  • In banking days before the paycheck date, ACH processing is submitted to the direct deposit and it occurs exactly at 5 p.m.
  • Cancel this direct deposit due to this losing the data, so it is better to create the backup files and proved to be a life-saver when the operation will be performed.

Cancel the Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll

Now, we explain the steps on how to cancel the direct deposit cost using these steps you can easily cancel the intuit payroll direct deposit, the steps are following as:

  • In the QuickBooks account, the top menu selects the employee edit Or void paychecks option.
  • Select the show Paychecks on the edit page through dates to the dates of a check and press the Tab button on your keyboard.
  • Tick all questions and click on the Void button.
  • Now pop up box is generated in which enter the yes button and click to Void.
  • Then tick to all terms and conditions of paychecks.
  • If once a time, the checks are avoided, then close the checks edit option after the checks are voided.
  • At the top of the bar click to the Employes and send the Payroll data.
  • Now you click to the send button and now you will not get any deposit to send.
  • Before the paychecks are voided by looking in your bank register that is used to pay employees. And the memo line will show the modified is checked.

In every step, we define how to cancel your direct deposit you can easily read our article and you can easily solve your problem. if the generate QuickBooks payroll Error you can resolve it also read our article about Payroll Error.

When sending the data Window does not show Voided Direct Deposit

When you send the data from the bank account your system window does not show the cancel direct deposit option, now we can explain this problem into the following steps that are following as:

  • In the Question go to the voided paycheck.
  • Now you delete the information into the memo field.
  • Then click to save button and close it.
  • Re-open the Paychecks.
  • Then right-click and select the void paycheck.
  • Now click to save option and close.
  • Then you see the voided paycheck should be shown in the send payroll data Window.

The problem of the window does not show the voided direct deposit, you can solve easily and also gain the knowledge about how to cancel it, reads all the steps.


In the final words, we say that you can easily cancel your payment when you can send once a time the QuickBooks direct deposit cost is easily managed by the QuickBooks Payroll feature of QuickBooks payroll direct deposit.

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